2022 design trends

We have great expectations for our homes these days – perhaps greater than ever before. Beauty, comfort and functionality are non-negotiable, but so is a connection with nature and a feeling of well-being.
exterior image of a frame cabin with andersen windows

We have great expectations for our homes these days – perhaps greater than ever before. Beauty, comfort and functionality are non-negotiable, but so is a connection with nature and a feeling of well-being.

See how all this is coming together to shape 2022 design trends in our guide below.

Natural wood: The new neutral

Bare wood is setting a new standard. Its warm color and clean look creates a cozy feeling that works with styles ranging from minimalist to boho to modern. Adding to its appeal is the fact that it comes from the forest. People are searching for natural materials, making wood a perfect choice.

Though different in style, both of these natural wood custom-entry doors work perfectly in their respective spaces.

Learn how people are incorporating natural wood into their homes.

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Solid stone: Timeless charm

Earthy and enduring stone is adding old-world charm to people's homes. Its rustic and refined look is both timeless and timely. A stone-accented home feels solid, like a place that will last for generations, and the natural origins of this material put our health-conscious minds at ease.

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Stone walls in kitchen with modern black plumbing and black Andersen® 100 Series windows

The stone walls in this kitchen give it European farmhouse vibes, which are perfectly balanced by modern features, like black plumbing and black Andersen® 100 Series windows.

Photo courtesy of Aurora Design Group.

Understated lake home with Andersen® E-Series circle window

Arched & circle windows: Delightfully unexpected

Distinctive and versatile circle and arched windows are giving people’s homes more character. They’re a welcome contrast to the straight lines and right angles that make up most houses, and their organic shape fits in with a design ethos that’s grounded in nature.

This Andersen® E-Series circle window adds just the right touch to an otherwise understated lake home. Its grilles were chosen to match the clerestory windows above. 

Photo courtesy of Gravitate Interiors + Design.

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Hilton Carter lemon tree inside home

Floor-to-ceiling windows: Emphasize the outdoors

Windows whose frames begin at our feet and extend far above eye level are no longer just reserved for two-story rooms with sweeping views. As sustainable design principles focus on optimizing daylight and our appreciation of its health benefits increase, everyone is looking for bigger windows.

Plant enthusiast and interior stylist Hilton Carter uses his floor-to-ceiling Andersen® E-Series window to full advantage by growing a Meyer lemon tree from an in-floor planter.

Photo courtesy of Hilton Carter.

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Window walls: Expand square footage

Exterior of the back of Michelle Adams’ renovated rambler deck that features Andersen® A-Series Folding Outswing Doors.

Sliding glass walls and folding doors are being used to carve out new spaces melding indoors and outdoors. Replacing blank walls with views of nature, abundant sunlight and fresh breezes delivers on the desire for healthier homes while also creating ideal entertaining spaces.

Michelle Adams’ renovated rambler features Andersen®Folding Outswing Doors, which provide a seamless connection between her living room and deck.


See how this trend is taking shape in homes big and small.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Adams.

Renovated A-frame with black metal roof, expanded outdoor space and new Andersen® 100 Series windows

A-frame cabins: They’re back!

The iconic cabin design is reviving our dreams of leisure and allowing us to escape to the woods once again. With a renewed interest in nature sweeping through contemporary culture, plus an abiding taste for mid-century design, it was really only a matter of time before these cabins came back in style.

This vintage A-frame was modernized through a renovation that included adding a black metal roof, expanded outdoor space and new Andersen® 100 Series windows, among many other beautiful updates.

Photo courtesy of scandi_aframe.

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