Selecting the right windows for a stair tower

Staircases surrounded by one or more walls of window are popping up everywhere — meet the stair tower!

A stair tower with a specialty shaped window configuration that fills the entire wall and floods the stairwell with natural light.

Design-minded homeowners want more than functionality from their stairs. They want to use this space for “self-expression,” as New Jersey architect Dan D’Agostino put it. And that’s where a stair tower comes in. With its ability to transform a flow space into a home’s most distinctive feature while also bringing in a flood of natural light, it’s not hard to see why this design is on the rise.

Here’s a quick guide to picking out windows for a stair tower.

Windows for a contemporary look

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a perfect fit in a stair tower, especially when the aesthetic is modern. Here are two products to consider:

  • 400 Series windows are featured in the stair tower below. Stacking two sets of twin casement windows fills the full two-story space. The sleek contemporary profile of these windows — the 400 Series is available in either contemporary or traditional profiles — creates a modern look that’s furthered by the drywall returns and black frames. Find sizing and more details on the 400 Series.
  • E-Series windows are another great option. Their pared-down frames are a natural fit in a modern home, and numerous customization options make it easy to create a floor-to-ceiling window fitting any space. For example, specialty windows can be up to 12 feet high and as large as 54 square feet. Find more details on E-Series sizing.
A staircase in process of being built faces a set of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Stacking twin sets of 400 Series Casement Windows was the perfect way to create a floor-to-ceiling effect in this stair tower. The contemporary profile, drywall returns, and black frames really bring a modern aesthetic to life. Plus, black is a standard color in the 400 Series (meaning there’s no extra charge).

Windows for a modern classic look

With the emphasis on glass, stair towers can lean more modern. To give more traditional styling to a stair tower, consider the 400 Series or A-Series.

  • 400 Series windows are featured in the stair tower below. The traditional profile was chosen, and the look is furthered by the white frames and colonial grilles, which are sized to give a more human scale to the grand space.
  • A-Series windows are designed for architectural authenticity, making them a natural choice when creating a traditional look. They work well in a stair tower because they can be easily configured into large-scale window combinations via the Easy Connect Joining System, which aids in the assembly of window combinations via a factory-applied joining system.
A stair tower in a traditional home featuring a curved staircase surrounded by two walls of white-framed windows with colonial grilles.

The two-dozen 400 Series Picture Windows used here were grouped into smaller configurations with intermediate structural supports to help control costs, according to architect D’Agostino who designed this home for a pair of young homeowners.

Windows for a one-of-a-kind look

For a stair tower no one will forget, specialty-shaped windows — or even better, specialty-shaped window combinations are the way to go — and you can get them with 400 Series Flexiframe® Windows or E-Series.

  • 400 Series Flexiframe® Windows come in 20 different specialty shapes through our best-selling product line. They’re a great choice when trying to balance aesthetics without sacrificing performance or price.
  • E-Series windows offer nearly limitless choices in shape, size, and color, making them the go-to choice for ultimate design control.
A stair tower in a contemporary home features open-tread stairs with an industrial-style black railing and specialty shaped windows with black frames.

This stair tower, seen from the bottom (left) and top (right), features 400 Series Picture and Flexiframe® Windows. Flexiframe® Windows were used to create the specialty-shaped window configuration at the top of the stairs.

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