A black barn-style home silhouetted against an evening sky.


2024 Home Design Trends Look Book

What will shake up the home design space in 2024? We talked to top trendsetters, trusted industry experts, and more to find out. Now, we’re excited to share our predictions with you.

We predict more truly unique homes will be built and remodeled in 2024! Beauty is a given, but that’s not all. With so much living, working, and entertaining happening within our own four walls, today’s homes have to deliver more. They must meet our deepest needs for comfort, security, and connection with each other and our surroundings. See what we mean by previewing our top six trends for 2024 below.

Build better, not bigger: Long live the little house!

Why are people forgoing square footage? What are they prioritizing instead? Find out how comfort and quality of life upgrades are taking precedence in both remodels and new construction homes, plus get inspired by a few small but well-designed abodes.

An exterior shot showing a bedroom that connects to a balcony via a pocketing MultiGlide™ Door.

Laurie March loved her neighborhood so rather than moving, she remodeled her home adding a second level and creating more opportunities for outdoor living, like this balcony that connects with her bedroom via a two-panel, pocketing MultiGlide™ Door.

Outdoor-indoor living: Expanded options to expand our spaces

Indoor/outdoor living rose to prominence during the pandemic, and it hasn’t lost steam. Find out how it’s evolving and the details that are taking it to ever-more sophisticated heights, plus learn about the array of moving glass wall systems now available.

An exterior shot showing a home with moving glass wall systems on two walls so the front yard patio, living room, and backyard swimming pool are all one combined space.

Redefining the concept of “great room” to include the backyard swimming pool, living room, and front yard patio, these homeowners used two MultiGlide Doors to erase the line between indoors and outdoors.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): A sidekick suite to suit your lifestyle

The most versatile home improvement? It might just be a second home built in the backyard. Find out all the reasons why people are building these tiny homes, and step inside a beautifully designed example.

An ADU with cedar siding and a four-panel hinged patio door that opens to a patio covered by a metal pergola.

A four-panel E-Series Hinged Patio Door serves dual purposes in this ADU providing an entrance, of course, but also letting in lots of light with the floor-to-ceiling glass.

The pass-through window: Meet the window that makes the party

Believe it or not, a window really can suit your lifestyle. If you’re all about outdoor living, entertaining, and generally making the most of every sunny day, it's time you learned about this increasingly popular window. We've got the details, plus designer tips on where it works best.

A white kitchen with white oak cabinetry, large center island, and two pass-through windows.

Two was better than one in this kitchen! The MultiGlide Pass-Through Window on the right connects the indoor drinks station with a poolside bar outside while the one at the back of the kitchen connects to the grilling area, making it easy to pass out food at mealtimes.

Barnitecture: Move over, farmhouse!

What’s so appealing about the boxy barn? Why do we think it might edge out the modern farmhouse for the hottest home style of 2024? Let us share the details and take you inside a real-life project with insights from the architect.

A black barn with a patio in front featuring a concrete firepit surrounded by chairs and potted plants and string lights overhead.

Black 100 Series windows were a perfect match for this sleek and striking barn with an Airbnb in the loft.

Corner windows: Take in the whole panorama

What makes today’s corner windows different from the ones pioneered by mid-century architects? We can’t wait to tell you. And as a bonus, we’ve got expert tips on a way to pull off a biophilic design, even if new windows aren’t in your budget this year.

A bedroom with a full wall of glass that wraps around the corner and showcases a lake view.

Floor-to-ceiling glass was the perfect way to make the most of the lake views in this bedroom. Featured here are E-Series Gliding Patio Doors with sidelights and transoms above.

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