Spanish Colonial Revival Home Style

The Spanish Colonial Revival Home

Spanish Colonial Revival is an expression of the architecture brought with the Spanish when they explored the Americas. In 1915 the Panama-California Exposition in San Diego featured several exhibit halls built in this style, which sparked its popularity. Originally found in Florida and California, it quickly spread around the United States.
essential elements

Essential Style Elements

Spanish Colonial Revival homes typically feature light-colored stucco exterior walls and chimney finishes, with low-pitched red Mission or Spanish tile roofs with little or no overhanging eaves. They include asymmetrical massing and facades with one or more arched entrance doors or principal windows, and wrought iron grillwork for windows, doors and balconies.

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Colors & Finishes

When the Spanish Colonial Revival style first became popular in the Southwest and Florida, dark brown was the most common color for this style's windows. In other areas of the country, a variety of other colors were also used, and are now common throughout all parts of the country.

The window frame, sash and trim is usually one color and is intended to contrast with the very light color of the adjacent exterior stucco or interior plaster.

Spanish Colonial Revival colors

Exterior Color Palette

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Cocoa-Bean’
    Cocoa Bean
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Colony White’
    Colony White
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Flagstone’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Mallard Green’
    Mallard Green
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Sage’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Country Blue’
    Country Blue
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Cinnamon Toast’
    Cinnamon Toast

Interior Wood Species

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Oak’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Pine’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Mixed-Grain-Douglas-Fir’
    Mixed Grain Douglas Fir
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Vertical-Grain-Douglas-Fir’
    Vertical Grain Douglas Fir

Interior Stain Colors

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Espresso’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Mocha’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Cinnamon’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Russet’

Hardware Styles

Window hardware is typically iron and is almost always black or a very dark color.  The hardware usually has an unadorned appearance.
french casement hardware

French Casement Window Hardware


Newbury® Door Hardware

Hardware Finishes

  • Black swatch
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Oil Rubbed Bronze

Grille Patterns

Most French casement window sash are narrow and use grilles that create horizontal panes that extend the full width of the sash. Occasionally, however, fewer grilles are used to create pane shapes that are more square and less horizontal.

If the sash is wide, vertical grilles are sometimes added to the horizontal grilles to create two columns of panes in the sash. In these cases, the grilles usually create panes with a vertical orientation.

Andersen Windows Grids Specified Equal Fractional
E-Series Traditional Grille Pattern
Pattern Book

More On This Home Style

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