American Farmhouse Home Style

The American Farmhouse Style

First emerging in the Midwest in the mid-1800s, the American Farmhouse style ranges from small, simple structures to more elaborate homes bordering on Victorian. Our American Farmhouse is a modern interpretation of this classic home style.


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essential elements

Essential Style Elements

The American Farmhouse style is typically one-and-a-half to two stories and features asymmetrical massing with a gable at the front of the house. These homes feature simple detailing, open floor plans with central chimneys and often include wraparound porches.
style options

Colors & Finishes

American Farmhouse style colors reflect the limited choices available to homeowners during the style’s evolution, as well as colors that were popular in other architectural styles. The rich, earth-tone colors from the Victorian color palette, plus the whites and pastels of Colonial Revival homes, are often borrowed for American Farmhouse style homes.
American Farmhouse colors

Exterior Color Palette

  • WHite
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Canvas’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Sandtone’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Terratone’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Prairie Grass’
    Prairie Grass
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Forest Green’
    Forest Green
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Dove-Gray’
    Dove Gray
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Cocoa-Bean’
    Cocoa Bean
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Red Rock’
    Red Rock
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Black’

Interior Wood Species

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Pine’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Oak’

Interior Stain Colors

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Honey’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Mocha’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: White’

Hardware Styles

American Farmhouse style window hardware takes its design cues from the Victorian style. However, since the American Farmhouse style is deeply rooted in practicality, only the less ornate examples of Victorian style window hardware are appropriate.

Like its window counterparts, American Farmhouse style door hardware uses the less ornate examples from the Victorian style.

A-Series Double-Hung Lock and Keeper

Double-Hung Hardware

Lock and Keeper in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish

Traditional Lifts

Double-Hung Hardware

Hand Lift, Bar Lift and Finger Lifts in Oil Rubbed Bronze


Newbury® Door Hardware

Newbury® hardware features clean lines and suggests the practicality for which the American Farmhouse style is known.

Whitmore® Door Hardware

For a more ornate look that American Farmhouse homes often borrowed from Victorian style, Whitmore offers graceful curves with a decorative rope border.

Hardware Finishes

  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Antique Brass
    Antique Brass
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Bright Brass
    Bright Brass
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Satin Nickel
    Satin Nickel

Grille Patterns

The traditional window and grille pattern is a double-hung window with a 2-over-2 pattern.  The Colonial pattern, the 2-over-1 pattern or no grilles at all may also be used as alternatives.

When casement windows are used for egress purposes, their grille patterns should create the look of rectangular windowpanes that are approximately the same size as those in the home's double-hung windows. Andersen offers a 2 1/4" wide grille that can be positioned horizontally across the center of a casement window to simulate a check rail, giving it the appearance of a double-hung window.

2 over 1 grilles

2-over-1 grille pattern

6 over 6 grilles

6-over-6 Colonial grille pattern

no grilles

No grilles

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