5 options for homeowners who want modern windows

Guide your homeowner through picking out the right windows and making the selections that’ll help them create a modern look — we’ll show you how.
Three modern black-framed living room windows frame mountain views.

So your homeowner is looking for a fresh look? Good news, Andersen carries the best selection of contemporary windows and doors.* Here’s your guide to helping them bring a modern look to life — no matter their budget, location, or other needs.

What makes a window modern?

A modern or contemporary window is less decorative and meant to blend in with the home’s design, ultimately putting the focus on views and light.

Characteristic features include:

  • Thin frames with simple styling (you won’t see lots of texture or ornamentation).
  • Darker colors, like black or dark bronze, as well as natural wood, like white oak.
  • Either no grilles, or grilles in a ladder-like pattern — for example, grilles in a one-over-four specified equal light pattern.
  • Sleek hardware with right angles and low profiles.
  • Large-scale windows, think floor-to-ceiling windows, and large-scale window combinations — for example, mulled-together picture and awning windows.
  • Window types like casement, awning, gliding, and picture.

Keep reading for the window series that make it easy to create a modern look.


Our most customizable product line, the E-Series features windows with thinner frames and minimalist profiles. They’re available in a wide array of dark colors and wood types, plus custom shapes and sizes. Sleek hardware is available as are all the go-to contemporary window types. This is the right choice for the homeowner who wants ultimate design control.

A wall of white oak windows gives a warm but modern look to a living room.
Modern windows don’t have to be black. Natural wood is another popular choice. The large scale of these E-Series windows and their monumental grouping both help further the look, while the thin lines of the grilles keep the windows leaning more modern classic, than traditional.

400 Series contemporary profile

Our ever-popular 400 Series now has a contemporary option with a frame that’s ultra-sleek. It’s available in dark colors like black or dark bronze. Contemporary window types, including picture, casement, and awning windows, are available along with contemporary folding hardware.

200 Series

Our streamlined 200 Series offers a few of our most popular window sizes and most popular window types, including go-to contemporary options: gliding and picture windows. Frames are simple and clean, and sleek hardware is available.

100 Series

Our budget-friendly 100 Series features windows with feature flat and unobtrusive frames perfect for creating a clean, contemporary look. Frames come in black and dark bronze, and hardware is simple and similarly unobtrusive.

Tip: This is a particularly great choice when a homeowner is looking for a black composite window that will perform in a harsh climate — read more about 100 Series performance.

A modern home with a combination of stucco and wood siding and large black windows looks out onto a pool.
Black 100 Series casement and awning windows and 100 Series gliding patio doors help accentuate the modern style of this home.

All-Aluminum windows

In the Southwest, our contemporary All-Aluminum windows are available. They feature clean lines and lots of glass, plus dark color options and sleek hardware. Our go-to contemporary window types are available through this product line, plus there's the option to go all-in on glass by ordering a window wall.

Next up: If your homeowner needs some help working through the selection process, we’ve got a cheat sheet designed to help them pick out modern windows.