How to pick modern windows for your home

Whether you want to create a totally modern look, or just give your traditional home a bit of an update, we’ll help you get the details just right — let’s get started!
andersen black framed window in kitchen

Modern windows not only have the power to improve your home’s curb appeal, they can also transform the way you feel living inside it — bringing in more light and calling attention to outdoor views. We’ve pulled together this cheat sheet to walk you through how to pick modern windows for your home. Whether you want to create a totally modern look, or just give your traditional home a bit of an update, we’ll help you get the details just right — let’s get started!

What makes a window modern?

Simply put — “less is more.” Modern windows have thinner frames and less ornamentation, which maximizes the glass bringing in light and emphasizing views. Here are some other factors that can contribute to creating a modern look:

  • grilles (or lack thereof),
  • frame color (think: black or natural wood),
  • window size (bigger is better) and
  • window placement (beginning at the floor).

Modern window styles

Our go-to modern window styles are casement, gliding and picture windows.

  • Casement windows are vertical and hinged on the side, like a door. They’re often featured above kitchen sinks, because their cranks make them easy to open — even at a stretch. You’ll find these available in 100, 400, A- and E-Series.
  • Gliding windows slide side-to-side, just like a gliding patio door. They fit perfectly in tight spaces, like between your house and your deck, where an outward-opening window might pose a hazard. Find them in 100, 200, 400 and E-Series.
  • Picture windows are larger in scale and don’t open. You’ll often find them used as statement windows in living rooms. Find them available in every window series we offer.

Think of these styles as easy starting points for creating a modern look but don’t feel limited to only these styles. Any window can be made to look more modern — let us explain.

Grilles or no grilles?

We commonly see grilles (ornamental grid patterns on glass) in traditional architecture. So, skipping grilles altogether is a simple way to create a modern look, but there are happy mediums within grille-patterned windows, too. If your home is traditional in style, you could consider a modern black window with colonial grilles for a modern look with a classic twist. For a more minimal look, try a specified equal light grille pattern, which looks more like a ladder, and less like a grid.

Side by side of Hilton Carter and Mandi Gubler plant-filled spaces with bold black windows

Black A-Series windows with colonial grilles give Mandi Gubler’s home a modern look that nods to its historic architecture. Black windows (E-Series) also star in Hilton Carter’s sunroom where a specified equal light grille pattern adds visual interest but doesn’t distract from outdoor views.

Window size & placement

A large window set low in a wall maximizes natural light, which can make your home feel more modern. Pull this off is by selecting a floor-to-ceiling window. (By the way, these are becoming increasingly popular — check out our 2022 home design trends look book for details.) In addition to the benefits of natural light, a low-set window also has the uncanny ability to expand a space and put the focus on the outdoor view.

Side by side images of floor to ceiling black windows

With a full wall of black, floor-to-ceiling windows, this bright and airy kitchen nails the modern look. Part of the effect is due to the way these E-Series windows were installed. Drywall window returns skip the casings, or wooden trim, traditionally used around windows.

Window color & wood type

Black windows are a hallmark of contemporary design. But if black windows aren’t your style, try natural wood — another rising trend in 2022. Natural wood adds warmth, texture and brings an organic material into your space.

Side by side images of wood accented kitchen and hanging chair by wood windows

Natural wood windows add another layer of organic material to these richly textured modern boho spaces.

Hardware choice

For a sleek, contemporary look, match your window’s hardware to the frame color. Clean lines and geometric angles, like you’ll find in 400 Series folding hardware, complete the look.

The easiest-ever contemporary options

Window shopping can be overwhelming, especially if new windows are part of a larger renovation or new build. If you want an easy place to start in creating a contemporary look, consider the following options.

  • Our most popular 400 Series has a brand-new contemporary option that gives an even sleeker profile to casement, awning and picture windows, and it’s available in black.
  • Our budget-friendly 100 Series also features sleek lines. Frames are flat and unobtrusive creating a clean look.
  • Our most customizable E-Series windows feature thinner frames and minimalist profiles.

Ready for the next step? Start making your dream home a reality with our easy window design tool, which allows you to play around with different window styles, finishes, placements and more.

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