White oak windows and doors available with E-Series

Homeowners love white oak’s warm, modern style, and you can help them achieve the look with E-Series windows and patio doors. 
A bedroom with French doors opening to a patio.

It started with floors and cabinetry. Now, we’re seeing it in ceilings, doors, and windows. White oak is the surface material homeowners can’t get enough of. It’s clean, warm, contemporary, and a great alternative to black windows.

For proof, check out this newly finished project by California builder, Dagan Koffler of Dagan Design and Construction, Inc. Koffler just completed a 3,400-square-foot home and 1,200-square-foot guest house, both of which feature white oak windows and patio doors throughout.

A kitchen with white oak cabinetry, table, and windows.

The windows match the white oak ceilings, doors, cabinetry, and trim for a cohesive look.

Purposeful selections help further emphasize the contemporary look of the white oak windows and patio doors. These include:

  • Thin frames — a hallmark of our E-Series windows.
  • 7/8-inch grilles — mirroring the thin frames.
  • Drywall returns — in place of trim installation.
  • Large-scale size — E-Series products are our most customizable in size.
    “The E-Series makes it easy to do whatever you want,” Koffler said referring to the flexibility in sizing, color, and shape that allows him to deliver the custom look his clients are searching for.

To get started ordering E-Series windows or patio doors in white oak, get in touch with your local Andersen supplier.