A Celebration of Black Music Month

black music month image with company logos

The third annual Black Music Month Celebration, hosted and sponsored by Andersen Corporation, was held in June and embraced the power, legacy and evolution of African American music.

“Black Music Month isn't just a celebration — it's a journey. A journey that enlightens us about the stories weaved into every note, every beat, every melody,” said Tracey Gibson, vice president and chief diversity officer at Andersen Corporation.

Starring Bruce A. Henry, the quintessential singer, historian, entertainer, educator and storyteller, shared a musical journey from the Congo to Congo Square, to the birth of jazz and beyond. The evening also featured Tonia Hughes Kendrick, Time Brickey and Brittany Delaney.

African American Music Appreciation Month was declared in June 1979. The influence that Black artists and their music have had on American culture is undeniable. And, musicians from genres around the world have gleaned from Black musicality and found inspiration in the creativity and passion at the heart of Black music.

The show is available for virtual viewing, making it possible for everyone to join in the celebration!

Posted: August 2, 2023