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Window Selection Guide: Decision-making made easy

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We’ve simplified the process of selecting new windows. Through our free Window Selection Guide, we’ll help you understand your options by working through three key questions:

1. What type of windows do you want?

Knowing the different types of windows and how they work is the first step to understanding your options and essential to successfully working with a contractor, builder, or other professional.

A spread from the Window Selection Guide explaining the different types of windows offered by Andersen and more.

2. What look are you going for?

Details like size, color, grilles, and hardware collectively create a look. Learn to navigate all these options to create a look that suits your home’s style.

A spread from the Window Selection Guide about color, how it works to select window frame color, what colors are possible, and a few suggestions about selecting window frame color.

3. What are your needs for energy efficiency?

There’s more to glass than meets the eye. Understanding glass types and glass upgrades is fundamental to selecting optimal windows for your climate and geographic location.

A spread from the Window Selection Guide explaining glass types, climate specific glass and more essential information on the topic of window glass.