MultiGlide™ Door Sizing Calculator

Sizing up a door of this nature is no small task. At Andersen, we know every detail is important which is why we've created a sizing calculator to guide you on how to properly design, specify, and prepare your opening for this door. We know having as much information up front as possible lends to a more successful installation and experience.

Begin by selecting the options you're interested in, then click the calculate button. Not sure what you're looking for? Visit the MultiGlide™ Door page for more information.

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As viewed from the exterior

Results Summary

Options Selected
Configuration -
Stacking Direction -
Panel Style -
Panel Stacking Location -
# of Panels -
Sill Options -
Sill Ramps -
Insect Screens -
Screen Configuration -
Thickness Finished Floor -
Calculated Dimensions Width Height
Clear Opening - -
Rough Opening
(from top of finished floor)
- -
Rough Opening
(including recess in floor with flush sill application)
- -
Rough Opening
(not including pocket)
Unit Size - -
Panel Size - -
Rough Pocket Width -  
Pocket Width -  
Pocket Depth -  
Jamb Depth -  
Sill Depth -  
Screen Rough Opening - -
Screen Unit Size - -