Miesian Modern Home Style

The Miesian Modern home

Pioneered by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (most often referred to as "Mies") the Miesian home style usually features a steel structure supporting the roof. This strong central framework allows for sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. This blurring of the lines between inside and out is a hallmark of this home style.

Essential design elements

Miesian Modern homes feature floor-to-ceiling windows or glass doors used as transparent barriers between indoors and outdoors. Windows and doors have narrow frame and sash profiles, making them disappear as much as possible. These homes utilize simple rectangular form, usually with a raised floor plane and flat roof plane.
Miesian Modern doors

Quintessential doors

Miesian Modern style homes typically use doors and glass in fixed frames to create glass walls that span from the floor to the ceiling. Often, these glass walls wrap the entire perimeter of the home and are broken only by mullions or the occasional structural column. The doors and glazing are arranged in long bands and sometimes wrap corners when corner columns are not present.
Miesian Modern Windows

Quintessential windows

Miesian Modern style homes typically use the largest possible window units to increase the expanse of uninterrupted glass.

Style options

More on this home style

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