Sweenor Home Tour

Jeff Sweenor, founder of Rhode Island-based Sweenor Builders, is taking us on a tour of a contemporary remodel he’s recently completed.
Featuring Sweenor Builders One of the industry’s most respected custom builders, Jeff Sweenor's contemporary open space kitchen with bright natural light remodel in Rhode Island.
One of the industry’s most respected custom builders, Jeff Sweenor has been in the business for nearly 30 years, so when he describes a house as a “favorite,” you know it’s a special project. Get a peek at the details that make this contemporary home so special.

Contemporary Vocab

If you're still learning about contemporary design, here are a couple terms Sweenor uses that you might not be familiar with.

  • Mono-pitch roof: Also referred to as a shed roof, this type of roof slopes in only one direction, so it's higher on one end than on the other — imagine a lean-to and you’ll have a picture of what this roof looks like. This type of roof allows for lofty ceilings and is perfect for accommodating clerestory windows.
  • Clerestory windows: Windows placed just below the roofline, high up on the wall, so they let in light while maintaining privacy. Any type of window can be a clerestory window, but because these windows are usually unreachable, picture windows work well. Alternatively, gliding, awning, or casement windows that open electronically are good options.
  • Transom windows: Windows placed directly above another window or door. Like a clerestory window, any type of window can be used as a transom. However, awning windows or picture windows are popular options.
  • Drywall returns: Windows installed directly into the drywall with no surrounding trim for a clean look that puts the emphasis on the view outside rather than on the window itself.

Combining these elements resulted in a home characterized by sleek surfaces, clean lines, and an abundance of natural light — in other words, a contemporary design.

Featured products

Here are the products that helped create a contemporary look in this home.

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