Get the look: Industrial modern

Standing out against the skyline is easy with this home’s bold angles and warm wood exterior. This industrial modern home demonstrates how nicely different materials can play together.

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house in winter with wood siding

The Industrial Modern style utilizes a variety of materials to create dimension and texture. Featuring elements often found in commercial and industrial buildings like corrugated metal, steel, concrete and exposed wood, one can embrace the modern home style in an earthy way.

While this look has become increasingly popular in urban settings, it also provides a great break from the norm in suburban areas and is perfect for wide open spaces.

For this home, a rich palette with depth and texture was chosen using a combination of light stone, dark steel, and warm wood that pairs nicely with dark gray exterior paint and modern, black windows. The material selection helps define and accent the dramatic angles and overall design of the exterior façade.

Industrial Modern Home Exterior

Home details

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The color:

Black. Using black windows in combination with industrial materials helps push the modern styling even further. The black windows pop against the warm wood, while at the same time blending in with the darker paint – adding even more depth and dimension to an already intriguing home.

Industrial Modern Home Exterior

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