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Signature items of the Tudor style such as embellished doorways, bay windows and transom windows above doors are much larger and more contemporized than what one normally imagines for this style.
Black & White Modern Tudor

Maybe you’ve seen this gorgeous home floating around your Pinterest feed. Between the large windows, contrasting color and striking profile - it’s hard to resist. This contemporary take on the traditional Tudor style proves there's an exception to every rule.


Tudor style homes are loosely based on early English building traditions that range from simple folk houses to late medieval palaces, emerging in the United States around 1890. Details were often borrowed from Renaissance, Prairie and Craftsman styles.


Signature items of the Tudor style such as embellished doorways, bay windows and transom windows above doors are much larger and more contemporized than what one normally imagines for this style. The larger window combinations modernize the home and allow an abundance of natural light to illuminate every room.

Home Details

The style: This modern interpretation utilizes many of the features of a traditional Tudor style home like steeply pitched roofs, asymmetrical door and window combinations with bay windows, recessed entries, and large, elaborate chimneys, but with a lot more drama. Learn more about the traditional Tudor home style.


The products:

Black & White Modern Tudor

The color: Black. Using black windows against white stucco is an ideal way to add contrast and counterweight to the exterior of your home. Learn more about how black windows can update a look, while complementing every day traditional interiors.


The grilles: While diamond patterned grilles in metal are the traditional choice for a Tudor home, rectangle grilles (also known as Colonial patterned grilles) give these windows a much more modern feel. Explore grille patterns and application options.

Can’t get enough of this home? Explore the inside and learn more about the whole project

Black Windows Tudor Home Style