Blending Design Styles

Will Taylor Bright Bazaar Bedroom

The Scandi barn addition to Will Taylor’s Bellport, NY home, features vaulted cathedral ceilings and exposed beams – blending the original traditional charm of the Cape Cod style home with new, modern accents.


In the bedroom, Will chose to blend Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles, creating a warm, textured and layered space to relax and unwind. Modern flair is brought to the space with contemporary E-Series windows in black interior and exterior finishes.

“This bedroom is a fusion of Mediterranean and Scandinavian styles and I’m so happy with how it came together. It’s refreshing yet warm, soft yet textural, colorful yet calm. I really enjoy mixing decor styles as it’s a great way to create a layered and visually intriguing room,” said Will Taylor in a recent post on his Bright Bazaar blog. “It’s all offset by the strikingly modern black windows from Andersen Windows. When I drew up the architectural plans for the Scandi Barn these were the exact type of windows I had in my visualizations, so to see them come to life in this space is so exciting and rewarding.”

Will Taylor Bright Bazaar Mediterranean Design Style Patio Door off Bedroom

While Will took to blending two different styles, he utilized similarities in styles when possible to create a cohesive look. Mediterranean and Scandinavian design both share the use of natural materials, as seen in Will’s use of ceramics, wood and textured linens.


Additionally, each style relies on light tones in their color schemes with pops of boldness – featured in Will’s use of blue, black and his rust colored painted arch.