Patio door options that run S, M & L

Bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living with a patio door that's just the right size.
An outdoor meal on the sunny deck is made easy thanks to the folding outswing doors connecting to the kitchen inside

It's officially time to get outside again! So, make the most of the nature in your own backyard, and bring the benefits of natural light and fresh air into your home. A patio door can do both, and you can get one that's perfectly sized for your space and adapted to your lifestyle.

Today's doors allow for true indoor/outdoor living at small, medium or large scales. Let us explain what we mean and where these different options really shine!

A sliding door is a great option anywhere space is too limited for a hinged door to swing open. Balconies are a good example of this. The look of a sliding door also tends to complement a more modern or contemporary style, especially if you choose a 200 Series Narroline® door, which features a thin frame and large expanse of glass.

Left: a bedroom is connected to the patio and rolling landscape outside via a sliding door; Right: an open sliding door lets light and fresh air into this bedroom

These 200 Series Narroline® gliding patio doors open up this bedroom to the gorgeous landscape right outside, while also bringing in lots of light and fresh air.

Did you know?

  • Hinged doors can swing inward or outward.
  • Grilles are an option on both hinged and sliding doors.
  • Blinds-between-the-glass offers both privacy and convenience (since you never have to worry about cleaning or damage) and is available on either a hinged or sliding door.
  • Insect screens are available on both types of doors.

Large patio door solutions

What: For a dramatic and beautiful option that truly unites indoors and outdoors, try a moveable wall of glass. Our Folding Outswing doors open accordion style and can create an opening up to 48-feet wide. Because these doors are hung from the top, they’re easy to operate, and they stack neatly when open. They can be configured to open from the left, right or center.

Where a large solution fits best: These doors work well in many spaces, but one place where they really shine is in a remodeled home. Because they run along a single track and don’t pocket — disappear into the wall when open — they don't require an extra-thick wall, like some of our other Big Doors. The project below really highlights how accessible these doors can be.

Michelle Adams’ open Andersen outswing patio doors connect her living room and deck much to the enjoyment of her dog pictured

Michelle Adams chose to add Folding Outswing doors when she renovated her 1950s rambler in Ann Arbor. By selecting these doors to replace a standard back door and original windows, she substantially increased the amount of light in her home. The doors also allow her to make the most of Michigan’s short-but-sweet summers by expanding her living area through to the deck.

Adams opted for contemporary-style panels, which feature narrower frames than the traditional-style panels. She also opted for Low-E glass, which helps keep heat in during the colder months and reflects heat away during the hot months.

Did you know?

  • Retractable insect screens can be ordered for folding outswing doors.
  • These doors can be configured so one panel operates independently giving the option of utilizing this panel like a regular door, when you don’t want to open the full panel.
  • If you love this idea but don’t have the space for doors, this option can be configured as a pass-through window too.
  • Hurricane-strength Stormwatch® protection is an available glass option with these doors.

Medium patio door solutions

What: For a more dramatic solution that connects your indoor and outdoor spaces and brings in even more light, add an extra panel to create a 3- or 4-panel sliding patio door.

Where medium solutions fit best: Because this option is so customizable, depending on the configuration you choose, it can fit in many different spaces — check out the following examples.

A 3-panel Andersen sliding patio door connects this home with its deck

A 400 Series 3-panel sliding door opens from the center panel and makes for a spacious and easy connection between the home and deck.

A two-story living room with stunning views is connected to the outdoors via a 4-panel sliding patio door with transoms above and a bank of picture windows near the ceiling

A 200 Series Narroline® (bi-parting) patio door opens from the center two panels and includes a fixed panel on both sides. These doors fill the wall space nicely in this living room, letting in lots of natural light and making an easy connection with the yard outside.

Did you know?

  • Most options available on standard double patio doors are also available on 3- or 4-panel patio doors, including screens, grilles and blinds-between-the-glass.
  • If you don’t have the space for a third panel but want to expand on the typical double patio door, consider a sidelight, which is a tall, narrow window placed next to a door or window. See what we mean by checking out this option on the A-Series hinged doors or the E-Series hinged doors.

Small patio door solutions

What: Hinged and gliding (or sliding) doors both provide double-wide openings in your wall, bringing in far more natural light than a standard door, while also providing a pleasant entrance to the outdoors.

Where small solutions fit best: Hinged and sliding doors each have their advantages. A hinged door looks especially nice in a traditional home. Since the two panels of a hinged door swing open from the center, this type of door gives you more fresh air and a larger opening than a sliding door, which makes it a great option for connecting well-used spaces in your home. That’s exactly why Cass Smith, the DIYer behind Cass Makes Home, opted for an A-Series inswing door to connect her deck and dining room. “We have the option to open both [doors], which is great for entertaining,” she said.

Left: Cass Smith of Cass Makes home opens the black-framed hinged doors connecting to her deck; Right: Black-framed hinged doors are the perfect solution for connecting this dining room and deck

Smith’s A-Series inswing doors provide easy access to her new deck and the blinds-between-the-glass offer convenience and privacy.

The right patio door is the key to bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor living. With small, medium and large options, there’s a patio door solution that’ll fit your space, your climate and your lifestyle. Want to explore more projects uniting indoor/outdoor living?

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