How to Bring the Outdoors In with a Garden Window

Installing a window above your kitchen sink can make everyday life just a bit more enjoyable. Imagine watching the sun rise as your coffee brews, or feeling a warm breeze blow through as spring finally arrives.
Kitchen with white garden window with grids and tan cupboards

What is a garden window?

Garden windows can come in a variety of configurations, but are most similar to bay and bow windows utilizing a 90-degree box bay configuration, with a picture window in the center and a casement window on either side. 

Andersen offers a garden window style option with a 90-degree box bay configuration available in our 400 Series and E-Series product lines. For Andersen's box bay window, mullion posts lock into a channel in each adjoining casement window for a sturdy, easy-to-install unit. Depending on the series, the wood product can be finished or painted, while the exterior is protected by vinyl, Fibrex® composite or aluminum.

Common Questions:

1. Are these windows energy-efficient?
Our box bay windows are available with the same energy-efficient glass options as other Andersen window styles.

2. What size can I get a box bay window in?
Every Andersen box bay window is custom made to your exact specifications. View sizing charts here.

3. Should I DIY?
Because garden windows configurations, like Andersen's box bay solution, protrude outside of your home and are more exposed to the elements than other window styles, proper installation is key. Unless you have advanced DIY skills, we recommend leaving the installation up to the pros. Need help finding a qualified pro? Find a retailer in your area that offers installation services.

Close up of garden window with black frame grid

Looking for more kitchen window options?


Casement windows

Casement windows are a good choice for above kitchen sinks, because they’re easy to operate with the simple turn of a handle. If you’re looking for a bit more pizazz or additional sunlight, a garden window is the perfect choice. This window style allows for year-round sunlight and creates the perfect space to grow herbs and plants or display other items above your kitchen sink. Because two of the three sides open, garden windows make it easy to allow fresh air indoors no matter the season.

People talking and laughing through Andersen kitchen pass-through window

Pass-through window

Entertain more easily by connecting your outdoor deck, pool or patio to the inside of your home with a pass-through window. These multi-functional windows occupy less space than an open door but still offer ample convenience, ventilation and natural light. Sitting just off of your countertop and sliding or folding smoothly into the wall, this window is the space-saving solution that's bound to impress your party guests.