Window opening control devices the flexible safety solution

Get the need-to-know details about this flexible safety feature that can help you overcome barriers in a variety of situations. 
A white casement window with a window opening control device that keeps it from opening more than 4 inches.
A window opening control device can give customers extra peace of mind where additional safety is desired or bring a window whose sill is below the minimum required height into code compliance. And since it can be applied to a window in two different ways, it’s a flexible solution in a variety of situations. Keep reading for the details!

How does a window opening control device work?

A window opening control device limits a window to opening less than 4 inches to provide additional window fall protection for children or others. It’s designed to disengage, so the window can be fully opened in an emergency.

When is a window opening control device needed?

This feature might be one that a customer opts to add for the safety of their children or others. It can also be used to meet requirements for window fall protection as outlined in the International Building Code. When an operable window is more than 72 inches above finished grade or other exterior surface below and has a sill height of less than 24 inches (as measured vertically from the floor), this device can bring windows into code compliance.
A rendering showing a double-hung window with a window opening control device. The window is installed in the wall at a height that complies with the International Residential Code.
This rendering shows a 400 Series Double-Hung Window with a built-in window opening control device that keeps the opening to less than 4 inches and meets residential building code for window fall protection as part of the International Residential Code (IRC).

How to order a window opening control device?

Window opening control devices can be built into a new window or applied as an accessory:

1) A window opening control device can be built into certain new windows. Factory-applied, flush-mount hardware creates a sleek look that doesn’t interfere with aesthetics or installation (no extra steps required). Find this option available with 200 Series Double-Hung Windows and 400 series Double-Hung Windows.

A rendering showing a section of a 400 Series Double-Hung Window whose opening is controlled by built-in hardware applied at the factory.
The window opening control device on this 400 series Double-Hung Window is applied at the factory and operates via easy-to-use, flush-mount hardware.
2) A window opening control device kit can be ordered as a solution for an existing window or a new window that doesn't come with the option to add factory-applied hardware. The easy-to-install accessory is available with casement, gliding, single-hung, or double-hung windows in our Parts Store.

No matter which option is right for your project, you can count on the window opening control device to help you meet both customer needs and code!


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