8 tips for getting started on social media

Brought to you in collaboration with the publishers of Professional Builder and Custom Builder magazines
Andersen Certified Contractor smiling while showing phone to homeowner outside a home.

1. Know your audience.

Before deciding where and how you will engage on social media, learn more about your target audience and where they are most likely to hang out online. Focus your efforts on one or two platforms where you can have the most impact, rather than trying to be everywhere.

2. Be both consistent and spontaneous.

Establish a consistent frequency and tone to your communications, so your followers know what to expect from you. At the same time, add some variety by occasionally sharing impromptu photos or a brief video of progress at a jobsite.

3. Showcase your expertise and personality.

Identify ways you can highlight the unique expertise and personality of your business. One of the benefits of social media is that it enables businesses to communicate in a less formal way than traditional media. Be friendly and approachable.
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4. Guard your clients’ privacy.

Be sure to check with your clients before sharing any details about them or their home project. Many of your customers may be private about their lives and not interested in sharing them publicly.

5. Establish a protocol for responding to negative comments.

While social media provides a public forum for customers to air their grievances, it also provides you with an effective vehicle for demonstrating your willingness to listen and solve problems. Respond quickly and non-defensively, encouraging commenters to contact you via phone or email so you can address their concerns.

6. Promote your social platforms.

Invite people to connect with you on social media by promoting your platforms on your website, in your email signatures and in marketing materials.

7. Consider boosting your content.

To expand the reach and impact of your posts, consider paying to sponsor or promote them. For a nominal investment, you can target key audiences based on geographic and demographic criteria.

8. Take the long view.

It often takes a while to build a core audience, so don’t get discouraged by a lack of feedback or engagement. Though likes, shares and comments are a logical way to assess your success, social media is far more than a numbers game. Try to focus on the quality, rather than quantity, of social interactions.
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