Onsite with Andersen: Sweenor Builders

Get the details behind a custom home being constructed by Sweenor Builders.
An under-construction home with oceanside views by Sweenor Builders.

Renowned Rhode Island builder Jeff Sweenor takes us on a tour of a classic shingle-style New England home his company is building. Learn how they're bringing to life a custom home full of luxurious details, while also meeting the intense regulatory standards required to build on the Atlantic coast.

In this video, Sweenor explains how:

  • The house is positioned to maximize oceanfront views.
  • Wood framing and a steel structure support the open concept living area.
  • Water management best practices were utilized in window and door installations.
  • The layout suits the needs of the future homeowners.
  • Indoor/outdoor living spaces are integrated throughout the home and more details.

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