Home Tour: Prairie home exemplifies site-derived architecture

Get the details on the design and build of this beautiful home on the Minnesota prairie. 
A modernist cedar-clad home with oversized eaves and black floor-to-ceiling windows stands out against the blue skies of a summer’s day.
Step inside Prairie Prospect for a tour with architect Jeremy Imhoff of Imprint Architecture and Design and builder Bob Appert of Redstone Builders. They’re sharing the details that make this home such a great example of site-derived architecture.

The windows and doors in Prairie Prospect were carefully chosen to emphasize the beauty surrounding the home. Here’s what you need to know about the products used.

E-Series windows have thin frames and clean lines. As our most customizable product line, the E-Series was the perfect choice for the floor-to-ceiling windows, corner windows, and punctuated openings that create panoramic views throughout the home. Seek out the E-Series product line when you need ultimate control over color, size, and shape.

MultiGlide™ Doors have similarly narrow frames with the contemporary panel option. These doors can be up to 50 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The customized sizing made these doors a natural choice for maintaining consistent sightlines throughout the home. The kitchen has a five-panel door and the dining room a two-panel door.

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