6 Design Trends to Look for in 2018

Nothing bursts the cold weather bubble like visualizing the year ahead in all its sunshine and glory. Back in December, we brought you our wrap-up of the design trends that defined 2017They included reconnecting to the outdoors, embracing smart(er) technology and enjoying a variety of indoor activity spaces. Single- or multi-family, new construction or remodeling, homeowners (and would-be homeowners) requested and responded to these design trends over and over through the course of 2017.

While we’re sure to see some of these same ideas grow in 2018, what we really want to get to are the new ideas. What’s the next “big thing” in single- and multi-family construction and remodeling that you will be asked for through the course of 2018? From wall patterns to colors; prints to finishing treatments, we’ve got you covered.
Indoor Outdoor Living

Finally, the 2017 trend that has become a design movement, now demanded in single- and multi-family homes: Blending Indoor & Outdoor Environments

This will only continue to get bigger and bigger in single- and multi-family construction through 2018. Once limited to seasonal barbecues and pool parties, the traditional back patio has transformed into a year-round destination space. Outdoor environments range from fully equipped kitchens with casual dining areas to family living and entertainment rooms. Expansive glass-paneled walls and doors provide sweeping views and efficient circulation. Homeowners also welcomed nature inside through terrariums, green walls and lots of natural light.