New Andersen Windows Ad Campaign Brings Brand Refresh to Life

For 117 years, the Andersen brand has been welcomed into homes with beautifully designed windows and doors that stand the test of time. The iconic brand is now launching a new advertising campaign, the first in over a decade, that captures the essence of the brand and inspires today's homeowner to Love the Life You See™.

The advertisements come after the brand's bold evolution this past February which included a new logo and inspirational tagline. The refresh aims to inspire the homeowner and building trade professional audiences through shared experiences of possibility, joy and connection.



"This campaign is more relevant than ever, as families are rediscovering time with each other, and are highly focused on the home," said Annie Zipfel, Andersen's senior vice president and chief marketing officer. "Everything means so much more now.  This new campaign highlights a variety of real Andersen families, in joyful, real family moments, all because our windows and doors create spaces that make that possible!"

The ads feature inspiring stories of real Andersen homeowners, as well as actors, enjoying the moments they create in their home through the lens of their Andersen windows and doors. The integrated campaign will reach consumers via TV, Hulu, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, programmatic display, digital audio and custom digital units.

Posted: September 30, 2020