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Once you’ve found the perfect window or door to complete your home, it’s time to decide if you want to install it yourself or hire a contractor. Keep in mind that proper installation is critical to ensuring our products perform efficiently and last as long as possible.

Andersen Windows Installation Support

Deciding on DIY?

Some projects are easier than others. Our product installation guides give you a good idea of how involved your project will be and what tools you’ll need. If you need a little help understanding the guide, see our window and door terminology.

Our window installation guides provide product-specific lists of all the tools and materials you’ll need. To help, we've created videos to provide an overview on the process.


Disposing Of Your Old Windows

You need to follow strict procedures during and after you remove your old windows. Contact local authorities or waste management companies for proper recycling and/or disposal of removed window or patio door.

Window And Door Removal Instructions

NOTICE: Buildings constructed prior to 1978 may contain lead paint which could be disturbed during window replacement. For more information on proper management of lead paint, visit www.epa.gov/lead.

Renewal by Andersen Installation

Bringing In The Pros

If you’ve decided you want to leave installation to the professionals, we can help you with that too. Use the links below to find the nearest retailer. Many offer installation services and all are able to direct you to local contractors who can complete your project.

* Installation services are provided by independent companies and may not be endorsed by Andersen.

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