Installation Resources

Selecting the perfect window or door is half the battle. Proper installation is equally important to help ensure our products perform.

Installation Instructions

Get installation instructions for your window or door. Instructions include preparing the rough opening, sealing, shimming, fastening, flashing and water management.
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For Pros

Installation Guides

Instructions include preparing the rough opening, sealing, shimming, fastening, flashing and water management.
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Accessory Guides

Accessory guides for Andersen windows and patio doors, including hardware/locks, art glass, casing, trim, grilles, extension jambs, insect screens and more.
Joining Guides

Joining Guides

Instructions for combining multiple units. Choose the type appropriate for your design.
service guides

Service Guides

Operation and adjustment, replacement, repair and reglazing instructions for Andersen windows and patio doors.
Installation materials calculator

Materials Calculator

Use it to determine quantities of flashing and sealing materials tested with Andersen® products.
Example of Installation project

Project Examples

We've created videos that provide an overview on the installation process for different types of products.
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Rigid Insulation Supplement

This document details the location of the drainage plane when a window/door is installed into an opening with rigid insulation.
Insulated Sheathing Supplement Icon

Insulated Sheathing Supplement

This document details the typical support framing when a window or door is installed into an opening with insulated sheathing.
Installation Options For Homeowners

Find an Installer

If you’ve decided you want to leave installation to the pros, we can help you find the nearest Andersen retailer. Many offer installation services and all are able to direct you to local contractors who can complete your project.

Do It Yourself

Many DIY-ers successfully tackle their own window replacement projects. Here’s how to become one of them, from assessing the job and learning the terminology to installing your own replacement windows like a pro.

Renewal by Andersen®

Window and door replacement couldn't be more simple. Custom-sized windows, a wide variety of options and accessories and best in class service make Renewal by Andersen the easy choice.

Disposing Of Your Old Windows

You need to follow strict procedures during and after you remove your old windows. Contact local authorities or waste management companies for proper recycling and/or disposal of removed window or patio door.

Window And Door Removal Instructions

NOTICE: Buildings constructed prior to 1978 may contain lead paint which could be disturbed during window replacement. For more information on proper management of lead paint, visit