Canvas in the Hamptons

Long Island, New York

As an artist, the owner of this high-end modern home in the Hamptons wanted space to paint, as well as entertain. An open floor plan that maximized the ambient light became a primary goal, so vaulted ceilings with a light and airy decor were key elements in its design. From the restaurant-like kitchen and dining area to the great room and spa-like bathroom, this home is rich in natural light thanks to floor-to-ceiling Andersen® E-Series casement and picture and gliding patio doors.

While available in unlimited color options, E-Series products with black interiors and exteriors were chosen for their sleek lines which don't distract from overall design. Outside the home, the site's many grades are complemented by various horizontal lines in the roof, stairs, siding and large window combinations.


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Phillip Hancock Inc.
Riverhead, New York

Siyu Liu
Southhampton, New York