Prepare your home for hurricane season

Prior to hurricane season, it’s important to ensure your home is protected from the potential damage the resulting storms can cause.

Creating a checklist to prepare for a hurricane or other high-force wind event can help identify necessary repairs and minimize risk of damage for added peace of mind.

Here are five tasks to help you better prepare your home for severe weather:

  1. Assess Windows and Doors
  2. Clear the Lawn
  3. Trim Trees
  4. Secure and Seal Roof
  5. Review Insurance Policy and Take Inventory of Property
exterior view of traditional home with white Andersen windows and orange front entry door

Assess Windows and Doors

Start by assessing your windows’ current status. Check seals and weatherstripping to make sure they are functioning and without damage and replace or repair as necessary. Confirm if your window units have impact-resistant glass. If you currently have Andersen® windows, you can identify your glass by visiting our help center.

If your windows need replacing, check local codes to identify if you are required to have coastal-rated windows in your home and contact a local dealer to get a quote. If you are not required by code to have impact-resistant glass but window performance is still a worry given your proximity to severe weather, consider upgrading to impact-resistant glass.

Andersen impact-resistant windows are designed, engineered and manufactured to withstand severe coastal weather conditions. Andersen windows and doors with Stormwatch® protection offer our greatest level of protection for your coastal home. Not only do impact-resistant windows help protect your home from hurricanes but continue to offer customizable design selections to match your home.

woman checking white framed Andersen window for hurricane season preparation

Clear the Lawn

Look around your yard for items that could potentially become projectiles when picked up by high-force winds.

Put away items like pots, furniture, trashcans, playhouses, bikes and toys in your garage to minimize damage.

exterior of home with green grass and black framed Andersen windows

Trim Trees

It’s important to remove rotting branches or roots - these can become waterlogged and are likely to fall in inclement weather.

Additionally, remove dead trees as they pose a risk to fall during heavy storms while leaving healthy branches and trees intact.

Hurricane Season Preparation Trim Trees

Secure and Seal the Roof

A well-maintained roof will sustain less damage in a storm. Consider getting your roof inspected for loose tiles, leaks and damage and making necessary repairs to prevent water leaks.
Hurricane Season Preparation Secure the Roof

Review Insurance Policy and Take Inventory of your Property

Don’t wait until after a hurricane or storm to review your insurance policy coverage – be proactive in understanding what is fully covered under your policy.

Oftentimes flood insurance is covered separately than a typical homeowner policy – with many homes flooding that aren’t built in high-risk areas.