Shingle Home Style

The Shingle Home

The Shingle home style is distinctly American and traces its beginnings to the late 19th century. It's a reflection of the desire to move away from the more ornate Victorian style that had previously become widespread. Exteriors were characterized by a more natural, casual style that steered away from classical details. Interiors were influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement.

essential elements

Essential Style Elements

Often wrapped in unpainted cedar shingles, these unmistakable, picturesque homes embrace a natural, more casual style with a minimum of classical details, especially in comparison to Victorian style homes. The interiors feature minimal ornamentation and borrow heavily from the handcrafted Arts & Crafts style.
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Colors & Finishes

Shingle style window sash and frame are typically a single color. The trim color is often the same as or similar to the sash and frame, although occasionally a heavy contrast is used to add depth and character. As the style originated along the ocean coast, greens, grays and shades of brown that allow the home to blend into the countryside are the most common.
Shingle Colors

Exterior Color Palette

  • WHite
  • Canvas
  • forest green color swatch option for andersen windows
    Forest Green
  • dove-gray color swatch option for andersen windows
    Dove Gray
  • Dark Bronze
    Dark Bronze
  • red rock color swatch option for andersen windows
    Red Rock
  • Black

Interior Wood Species

  • oak wood option for andersen windows and doors

Interior Stain Colors

  • russet swatch of interior stain options for andersen doors
  • honey swatch of interior stain options for andersen doors

Painted Interiors

  • WHite
  • Primed swatch of interior stain options for andersen doors
  • birch bark swatch of interior stain options for andersen doors
    Birch Bark

Hardware Styles

Shingle style window hardware features simple, often crisp lines and functional forms. Elements integral to the style include hinges, sash lifts and locks with simple and understated decoration. Antique brass and oil rubbed bronze finishes are most authentic for the style.
Casement Windows Traditional Hardware

Casement Window

Traditional Folding Hardware in Distressed Bronze finish

A-Series Double-Hung Lock and Keeper

Double-Hung Hardware

Lock and Keeper in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish

Traditional Lifts

Double-Hung Hardware

Hand Lift, Bar Lift and Finger Lifts in Oil Rubbed Bronze


Yuma® Door Hardware

Yuma® hardware is an ideal choice for Shingle style homes. Made of solid, forged brass for a substantial look and feel, Yuma hardware features rectangular faceplates and smooth curving handgrips that are trademarks of Shingle style hardware.

Albany Door Hardware

Hardware Finishes

  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Antique Brass
    Antique Brass
  • Black swatch
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Distressed Bronze
    Distressed Bronze
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Distressed Nickel
    Distressed Nickel
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Stone Hardware

Grille Patterns

While many grille patterns are seen in Shingle style homes, the quintessential grille pattern features 6" x 6" squares. For casement windows, square patterns are most common but vertically proportioned patterns are also acceptable.
Shingle Grille Patterns

Square pattern grilles

Shingle Grille Patterns

Quintessential Queen Anne grille pattern in top sash

Shingle Grille Patterns

Cottage style window with vertical proportion grilles

Shingle Grille Patterns

No grilles

Pattern Book

More On This Home Style

Pattern books from the Andersen Style Library present quintessential details of the most popular American architectural styles, with an emphasis on window and door design. The result of years of research, they exist to make it easier to create homes with architectural authenticity.
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