Prairie Home Style

The Prairie Home

The Prairie home style is one of the first architectural styles to originate in the United States. Popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie School Designs, Prairie homes embrace the belief that a building should appear to grow organically from its site. It uses long horizontal bands of windows and trim to evoke the prairie landscape.

essential elements

Essential Style Elements

Prairie style homes are typically single-story and include rows of doors and small windows banded together by continuous head trims. The style features low-pitched, hipped roofs with overhanging eaves and an open floor plan with central chimney.
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Colors & Finishes

The most commonly used colors are earthy browns and rusts, autumnal reds and golds, the warm tans and beiges of natural stone, and leafy greens. 

Prairie Exterior Colors

Exterior Color Palette

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Sandtone’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Terratone’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Forest Green’
    Forest Green
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Cocoa-Bean’
    Cocoa Bean
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Red Rock’
    Red Rock

Interior Wood Species

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Maple’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Oak’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Alder’

Interior Stain Colors

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Honey’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Mocha’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: ClearCoat’
    Clear Coat

Hardware Styles

Prairie style window hardware embraces simple lines and functional form. Hinges, sash locks and lifts are integral to the style, and any decorative elements are simple and understated. Door hardware features minimally sized, meticulously matched components in antique brass or oil rubbed bronze finishes.
Prairie Casement Hardware

Casement Hardware

Contemporary Folding handle in Black finish

A-Series Double-Hung Lock and Keeper

Double-Hung Hardware

Lock and Keeper in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish


Newbury® Door Hardware

With its simple lines and minimal decoration, Newbury® hardware is a beautiful match for Prairie style homes.

Anvers® Door Hardware

For a slightly more refined appearance, Anvers® hardware offers a clean look that complements the Prairie style aesthetic.

Hardware Finishes

  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Antique Brass
    Antique Brass
  • Black swatch
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Oil Rubbed Bronze

Grille Patterns

The quintessential window and grille pattern in the Prairie style is a casement window with the Prairie grille pattern. It is, however, acceptable to have some windows with grilles and some without.

With this grille style, the visible glass dimensions in the corners should be 4" x 4". If the window is small and the use of grilles makes the center pane of glass 4" or less in width or 4" or less in height, grilles should not be used.

For a double-hung window, the Prairie grille pattern should be used only in the window's upper sash.

Casement Prairie Grille Pattern

Casement Window

Prairie grille pattern shown on a casement window
Double-Hung Prairie Grille Pattern Top Sash Only


Prairie grille pattern shown on a double-hung window (top sash only)
Prairie Grille Pattern

Patio Doors

Prairie grille pattern shown on a patio door
Pattern Book

More On This Home Style

Pattern books from the Andersen Style Library present quintessential details of the most popular American architectural styles, with an emphasis on window and door design. The result of years of research, they exist to make it easier to create homes with architectural authenticity.
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