French Eclectic Home STyle

The French Eclectic Style

The French Eclectic style is not just one style, but rather a range of styles inspired by French architecture. Brought back to America by World War I soldiers returning home, it evolved into a very Americanized interpretation of the character and charm of the French countryside.
essential elements

Essential Style Elements

The French Eclectic style is not just one style, but rather a range of styles inspired by French architecture.  These homes feature steep french, mansard, or multiple-pitch gable roofs and conical-roofed round towers and/or dormers.  These homes feature modest timber frame with stucco or stone exterior and include either symmetrical window and door compositions in formal houses or asymmetrical compositions in informal houses.

style options

Colors & Finishes

French Eclectic style window colors range from white to a variety of earthy browns. Window frames and sash are typically the same color, while the window trim may either match the window color or be a complementary, contrasting color. The home’s siding is generally a light-colored stone or stucco.
French Eclectic color palette

Exterior Color Palette

  • WHite
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Sandtone’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Canvas’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Terratone’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Dove-Gray’
    Dove Gray
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Cocoa-Bean’
    Cocoa Bean
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Color Options: Black’

Interior Wood Species

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Oak’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Wood Options: Maple’

Interior Stain Colors

  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Honey’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Cinnamon’
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: BirchBark’
    Birch Bark
  • ‘Andersen Windows – Choose Interior Stain Options: Primed’

Hardware Styles

Window hardware features simple, functional forms with just a touch of ornamentation. Common hardware integral to the style includes locks, lifts and handles. The most popular hardware finishes are black wrought iron and antique brass.

Doors typically feature one of two different styles of hardware. The first is a hand-forged style that exhibits medieval cultural roots. The second is more refined, although still simple and traditional in appearance. Black wrought iron and antique brass are the most common door hardware finishes.

A-Series Double-Hung Lock and Keeper

Double-Hung Hardware

Lock and Keeper in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish

Traditional Lifts

Double-Hung Hardware

Hand Lift, Bar Lift and Finger Lifts in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Casement Windows Traditional Hardware

Casement Window

Traditional Folding Hardware in Distressed Bronze finish


Encino® Door Hardware

Encino® hardware offers the simple, traditional look common to more rustic style homes.

Covington™ Door Hardware

Covington hardware is slightly more refined for more formal home designs.

Hardware Finishes

  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Antique Brass
    Antique Brass
  • Black swatch
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Bright Brass
    Bright Brass
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Distressed Bronze
    Distressed Bronze
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Distressed Nickel
    Distressed Nickel
  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Oil Rubbed Bronze

Grille Patterns

The typical grille pattern is made up of vertical rectangles with proportions that are roughly 6:5. Diamond light patterns are also common, but these are used almost exclusively with casement windows and are usually not seen with double-hung windows. Additionally, it’s common to have a mixture of grille patterns on the same house.

Since French Eclectic style houses are a blended style, windowpane proportions from one window to the next can vary as much as 20 percent.

Casement Diamond Grille Pattern


Double-Hung Colonial Grille Pattern


Pattern Book

More On This Home Style

Pattern books from the Andersen Style Library present quintessential details of the most popular American architectural styles, with an emphasis on window and door design. The result of years of research, they exist to make it easier to create homes with architectural authenticity.
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