5 Home Improvement Projects that are Worth the Splurge

5 home improvement projects that are worth the splurge

Wanting to improve your home is a natural instinct. To be human is to never be satisfied, after all. We're a culture of strivers, a country built upon the desire and need to continue to be better. Home improvement projects are part of that equation. They can add value to your home when you're still living there by creating an enjoyable interior, and when you're selling as well. But not everything in your house needs to be upgraded, amended, or changed. Some things are okay as they are. It's important to spend your hard-earned money in the right way and on the right projects. Without further ado, here are five home improvement ideas you should pursue that are worth the money. A toast to an even better home.


A roof protects everything on the inside of your house from everything on the outside. That's obvious. And yet, some people don't think that spending money is the way to go. Sure, a quality roof might cost a bit more upfront, but it will save you down the road. Better roof materials will last longer and help protect against the elements. Remember: it's worth keeping the outdoors out.



Sure, you could skimp on windows, but that would be a mistake. Cheap windows aren’t as energy efficient, letting heat out in the winter and in during the summer months. When the weather gets bad, you want to be protected by the highest quality windows.  Our 400 Series windows with Stormwatch® protection, for example, can stand up to Mother Nature at her crankiest.*

*See your local code official for building code requirements in your area.

5 Home Improvement Projects that are Worth the Splurge


The kitchen is one of the most expensive types of remodel. But it makes sense to spend money here, too, because it's a room where typical families spend a lot of time and it's a major boost for resale value if and when you decide to move. Buying high quality appliances and adding stylish backsplashes to modernize the kitchen can pay off well in the end. Adding a few windows above the sink will make washing dishes feel less like a chore and more like a joy.

Kitchen Windows

Patio doors

A door is the portal to the outside world. But, as with windows, you want to make sure to buy quality products that will last and be secure. Plus, a patio door can create the perfect portal to the outside world, letting you connect the indoors with the outdoors. Andersen gliding patio doors offer attractive real-wood interiors, and fit into tight spaces due to their sliding mechanism.

Bedroom Windows


High-style bathrooms have almost become as key of a re-sale point as kitchens. So it's another room that's vital to get right, both for when you're living in your home and when you're trying to sell it. Using the best fixtures can help prevent water damage and other issues down the line. Don't you want some fancy jets in that tub and maybe a well-appointed window that lets you look outside while you soak in blissful serenity?

Bathroom Windows