Windows as backsplashes

Instead of covering walls with fancy decorative tiles, we removed them altogether and added windows in their place.
interior view of white kitchen with black frames andersen windows used as backsplash

Add Natural Light Under Cabinets

Placing windows under cabinets brings light into kitchens in new and unexpected ways. Not only do you get the benefit of more natural light in typically darker areas, you get a greater connection to the outdoors. These see-through glass backsplashes sit flush with the counter-top creating an almost seamless transition to the outdoors.

Form + Function

Kitchen windows come in all shapes and sizes. And this trend is just more evidence to support that.

You can utilize equally sized windows or mix and match different shapes and sizes to create a unique look. While some of these transparent backsplashes are simple picture windows, others are fully-operating awning and casement windows, adding not only light, but more fresh air and ventilation to your home.      

Over the Sink, Over the Range

Windows can be added over sinks and ranges too. Daily chores are more enjoyable when you’ve got a great view.  Enjoy the change of seasons or watch the kids in the backyard while you’re washing dishes and preparing meals.

And don’t worry about clean-upwater sprays and simmered sauces are just as easy to clean off of window glass as they are off of backsplash tiles.

Not quite ready to jump on this trend?

Take a small step by simply making your kitchen windows larger. Use the full height of the room to add even more light and expand the width to provide even greater views. You won’t be disappointed either way.

The traditional design rules of kitchens are shifting and we couldn’t love it more. We’re hopeful that this is just the beginning of this new trend in kitchen backsplashes.    

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MultiGlide pass-through window for entertaining Kat dusk