Mix It Up: Home Exteriors

Today’s modern homes are shifting how we think about the exterior façade of houses. The days of a single exterior material in a solid color—whether it be siding, brick or stucco—are gone. And they’ve been replaced with a whole new meaning of curb appeal that favors mixing multiple materials to create stylish layered and textured designs. 


Homeowners are now opting for mixing multiple materials to create interest, dimension and personality to their homes. They’re mixing vertical board and batten with horizontal siding styles. Adding color and texture with natural stone, stucco, window exteriors and metal accents. They’re incorporating natural wood elements, reimagining shiplap and shaker siding and so much more. And using horizontal and vertical lines to create depth and texture.

Walls of Glass

Windows and doors also play an important role in pulling together the full mixed materials look. Some homes blend the windows and doors in with the exterior façade, while others are designed to make the windows and doors stand out. Even the size and amount of glass in windows and doors help refine the overall look of a home. Walls of glass provide an airiness and scale that can’t be easily reproduced with other building materials.   


Today’s homes aren’t limited to a single window and door color. Some homes are adding accent windows with pops of color, choosing multiple colors to either complement or contrast the exterior material they are set against.   

Whatever your home style, you can add interest and personality by mixing it up on the exterior⁠—whether you start small with a single element or go all out with a full makeover. Either way, we think you’ll love it!

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