The reinvention of the dining room

Over the last year, as the world changed all around us, the meaning of home changed too.

Over the last year, as the world changed all around us, the meaning of home changed too. Homes transformed from standard living spaces into our offices, classrooms, workout spaces, virtual hangouts and more, as we spent more and more time there. We started using our spaces differently, making each space work harder for our families’ needs. And with all of the time we were spending at home, we used some of it to make long overdue updates and upgrades. In essence, we reinvented how nearly every space in our homes was used.

Breakfast Dining Table Nook

One of those spaces was the dining room. While generally a more formal space in many homes, and typically reserved for holidays and other special occasions, the functionality of the dining room shifted. The space had to play double- and triple-duty as we worked from home, learned virtually and more. The dining room table converted into our desks, as parents and children worked alongside each other. We played more games and did more activities around the table. And shared even more meals together, making the occasional more ordinary.

But what does this dramatic shift in functionality mean for the traditional use of the dining room? We think it means that dining rooms will become less formal and more casual. The space will be used more frequently vs. reserved for special occasions. And that the space will be able to transform and function for whatever future needs arise.

No matter where the future may take us – whether inside our homes or out – our spaces are what we make of them. So rethink, reinvent and reimagine your spaces to make your home uniquely yours. (And maybe start with the dining room!)

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