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Notorious for neutrals, interior designer Becki Owens is best known for transforming and creating spaces that are simple, clean and elegant.

Based in Santa Clara, Becki’s California casual style creates fresh and modern bohemian design that perfectly encapsulates the laid-back, beachy lifestyle.

If you need another reason to try the design style, trust Becki’s more than 1 million followers on Instagram, engaged in her latest work.

About the trend

Boho design is centered around a lack of purposeful structure, focusing more on layers of pattern, texture and color to make spaces feel cozy, casual and lived in. While boho design has a few key pillars including the use of natural finishes and incorporating vintage pieces, the style’s absence of hard and fast rules makes it an approachable style to replicate in your space.

Becki Owens designed living room with light, neutral color palette and boho elements

While Becki’s designs bring in purposeful color through her use of blues, blushes and black accents seen in windows and décor, her designs hinge around a neutral palette. Given the freeness of boho design, utilizing neutral elements not only works to anchor the space in a common palette, neutral colors make layering textures less intimidating.

Layered textures including throw pillows, rugs and blankets make the space feel more intimate and grounded against smoother, more modern finishes like metallic fixtures, tile and other design objects.

Wondering how to include windows in boho design? Natural window and door trim fits seamlessly into boho design, adding an additional component of textured wood.

If your boho home is missing a bold statement, black windows and doors create a visually interesting contrast between the neutral elements of the design style. For both looks, utilizing grilles adds structure to the free form nature of the style.

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