Don’t look! Privacy options

Homeowners are choosing to add more windows and doors, and larger windows and doors, to virtually every room of their homes.

Homeowners are choosing to add more windows and doors, and larger windows and doors, to virtually every room of their homes.

While this allows more fresh air and natural light into homes, it can also feel like your life is on display for the neighborhood to see. Aside from traditional window treatments, there are other innovative options available to give you privacy without sacrificing style.

Blinds Between The Glass Andersen Patio Doors Gray Dog Child



Offering you privacy and convenience at your fingertips! 

Blinds are located between the panes of insulated glass, so they’re protected from dust and damage. This construction makes the glass easy-to-clean without the need to move the blinds. You can raise, lower or tilt the blinds to easily control the amount of light and privacy you want.

Blinds-between-the-glass are available on select Andersen products. Learn more about the benefits and options.

Image features A-Series Hinged Inswing Patio door with Slate Gray Blinds-Between-the-Glass

Interested in privacy options for your next project?

Let us help you get started. Find out where to buy windows with privacy glass.

Andersen Windows Privacy Options

Privacy Glass

Patterned & Decorative Glass

Specialty glass options obscure views into and out of your windows without sacrificing natural light. Technology allows the glass to take on a textured appearance which in turn makes the glass more opaque and less clear.

Since curtains and blinds aren’t ideal for rooms like the bathroom, you can benefit from the privacy of patterned or tinted glass options without sacrificing light. So you can soak away without a care!

Several types of patterned glass are available from Andersen to give you the privacy you need. Choose from these decorative options.

Andersen Patterned Glass Options


Tinted glass is another option that may offer privacy. Choose from gray, bronze and green colors on select products. Please contact your dealer or contractor for more information.
Andersen Windows Privacy Options

Art Glass

While art glass typically serves as more of an accent and decorative purpose, some large-scale patterns or combinations of art glass colors may offer view obstruction that satisfies your desire for privacy.

Available in a wide variety of patterns, art glass adds elegance and character to any home style.

Explore the full range of art glass options for select Andersen products. Custom art glass is also available on select Andersen products.


Image features LaCrosse Mississippi Design art glass with custom color combination