How to choose door hardware

Whether you’re picking out hardware for a new door or just looking for replacement door hardware, get the details you need to make the right decision. 
How to choose door hardware
When it comes to picking out hardware for your patio door, front door, or bi-folding door, it’s possible to balance the functionality you need with the look you want. We’ll explain your options and some pointers to simplify your decision-making.

How to pick out hardware

When you’re picking out hardware, you’ll be making two main decisions:

  • What style do you want?
  • What finish do you want?

It all sounds simple, but when you’re working through the countless decisions included in a new construction or home improvement project, sometimes small decisions can be challenging. Not to worry, our tips will help you look at this decision more methodically so you can make the right selection for your home without added stress!

How to pick out hardware

3 steps to selecting hardware

1. First, pick your door’s paint color or wood stain. That way you can decide if you want your hardware to stand out or blend in. Why pick one over the other? Sometimes, hardware that blends in can help create a more contemporary look by receding into the background and letting the door or the view outside be the main event. Other times, hardware is meant to stand out and elevate a door, giving it a premium look that matches the overall aesthetic of the space — designer options are a particularly good choice if you’re going for a luxe look.

1. First, pick your door’s paint color or wood stain

On the left, a black A-Series Contemporary Gliding Door has flush hardware that disappears into the sleek frame and shifts focus to the view outside. While on the right, stainless steel FSB® hardware, style 1035, gives a premium look that elevates the E-Series Hinged Patio Door.

2. Then, decide if you need any special functions from your hardware. For example, do you want a smart lock? Do you want to add an auxiliary foot lock for peace of mind? Would it be convenient if you could lock your patio door from the exterior? All of this is possible. We offer a smart lock solution through the Yale® Assure Lock®. Auxiliary foot locks are available with gliding patio doors, and keyed locks can also be added to any hinged or gliding patio door.

2. Then, decide if you need any special functions from your hardware

3. Finally, don’t forget to keep the bigger picture in mind. Just like it’s helpful to consider the door the hardware will complement, it’s also helpful to consider the larger context of the room. If this feels overwhelming, go back to the basic elements of your room’s design — color, texture, shape. Could your hardware choice be an opportunity to coordinate with something that’s already happening in the space, like matching the matte black kitchen faucet or the angular lines of a piece of furniture?

3. Finally, don’t forget to keep the bigger picture in mind

This cabin is essentially one large room, so it was particularly important to consider the big picture when making detailed choices about hardware. The homeowner chose door hardware that complements the black color and thin lines that are themes in the space.

Hardware styles

We have an ever-expanding collection of hardware options ranging from contemporary to traditional and looks that fall between these two ends of the spectrum. Contemporary hardware has right angles and a lack of decorative flourishes. In contrast, traditional hardware has more curves and ridges.

A double front door makes a grand statement, and you’ll find our double front doors available in a range of sizes.

Want more details about door sizes? Check out our front door sizing chart.

Hardware styles

No matter what type of look you’re hoping to create, there's an option for you. Choose between Andersen hardware styles and designer hardware collections from Ashley Norton®, Baldwin®, and FSB®. Both Andersen and designer hardware can be ordered with our hinged patio doors, entry doors, and Folding Outswing Doors. Andersen hardware is also available with our gliding patio doors.

Choose your door hardware styles

3 reasons to pick designer hardware

If you believe the adage that hardware is the "jewelry of the home," chances are you'll appreciate what designer hardware can do for your home.

  1. Create a luxe look and feel: Designer hardware is crafted from the finest materials by leading hardware brands like Ashley Norton, Baldwin, and FSB, with high-end styles and finishes.
  2. Put together the most coordinated interior: If you’re a person who cares about getting every detail right, you should know that Baldwin and Ashley Norton also sell hardware for interior doors and cabinetry, so you can create a complete look that coordinates with your exterior door hardware.
  3. Upgrade an existing door: If you love your existing door, you don’t have to change it in order to update the hardware. Simply order a new hardware set from your local dealer. But before you do, make sure your door is manufactured by us so the hardware fits properly — we'll help you make an id.
3 reasons to pick designer hardware

Hardware finishes

Like the cherry on an ice cream sundae, the right hardware finish can really complete the look you’re trying to create — imagine the contemporary flair that a matte black finish can add to an angular FSB handle. So, whether you’re trying to create a look that’s contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, don't ignore this detail. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when selecting a hardware finish:

  • Start big with hardware decision-making. Pick out the door color or wood stain, then the hardware style, and lastly, the finish. If, however, you have a specific finish in mind — let’s say you want a satin brass finish, for example — you could skip right to the finish and decide on hardware style afterward. You’d want to take this approach because not every finish is available across all hardware lines.

Takeaway: If you want a specific finish, start there and then select a style from the hardware collections that offer your preferred finish. Otherwise, save the finish decision for last.

  • Look at other hardware in your home. For example, there is typically a lot of existing hardware in kitchens with all the cabinets and drawers. You could choose designer hardware for your door with a finish that matches this hardware, or you could keep things interesting by taking your door hardware in a different direction. The latter could mean choosing a style and finish that picks up on another color in your space — the cabinetry paint color or the stainless-steel appliances, for example. You could also let your door hardware fade away by selecting a finish that blends in with the door.

Takeaway: Use other hardware as an input. You could coordinate with the finish used on other hardware or contrast instead — it's okay to mix and match.

Ready to try a few different hardware options on for size? Check out our design tool, which allows you to select all sorts of details, including door style, color, or finish, and of course, hardware.

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