Front door size guide: Finding the right door size for your entry

Ready to give your entryway a makeover? Here’s what you need to know about front door sizing.
Three different front doors of varying sizes including: a standard size, single-panel front door made of natural wood; a black double-door with full glass panels; and a tall dark wood door with ¾ glass panel.

Trying a new front door on for size? We’ve got the sizing details you need to know. Find out the average size of a front door, explore custom sizing options, and learn about the process of expanding or shrinking down an entry door.

Standard front door sizes

Our entry doors are available in a wide variety of sizes. A standard size front door is 3-feet wide by 6-feet-8-inches tall with variations in between.

Standard sizes:

  • Width of 3’ or 3’ 6”
  • Height of 6’ 8” or 8’
A diagram showing a front door made of blond wood with a glass panel in the upper quarter and brass hardware. Overlaid on the image are the standard dimensions for a front door: 3’ or 3’ 6” wide by 6’ 8” or 8’ tall.

There are standard sizes for a front door, but that doesn’t mean doors aren’t available in other sizes. With our variety of options, you can easily find the size that's just right for your home.

Custom sizes:

  • Widths from 2’ 1” to 3’ 7”
  • Height of up to 10’

Door sizing and accessibility

If you’re designing a home with accessibility in mind, pay attention to door width. For example, in a commercial setting, a 32-inch minimum width is required to accommodate wheelchair users. Our custom doors can be sized in 1/8-inch increments, so it’s possible to get very precise. There are, of course, many considerations to keep in mind when planning for accessibility. For example, talk to your builder or architect about implementing universal design principles. When applied to a building, this concept seeks to make a space usable for as many people as possible, regardless of age, abilities, and other factors.

Double door sizing

We also have double front doors that are available in a range of sizes.

Double door sizes:

  • Widths from 4’ 2” to 7’ 2”
  • Heights from 6’ 10” to 7’

A double front door makes a grand statement, and you’ll find our double front doors available in a range of sizes.

Want more details about door sizes? Check out our front door sizing chart.

A diagram showing a double front door with two full glass panels, black frames, and brass hardware. Overlaid on the image are the size ranges for double front doors: width from 4’ 2” to 7’ 2” and height from 6’ 10” to 7’.

Can you change the size of a front door?

Yes! Resizing a front door is possible. You can make your front door larger or smaller, but you’ll definitely want to work with an experienced contractor — find one through our Andersen Certified Contractor program.

These contractors are preparing a rough opening (space where a door or window is installed) in advance of installing a new door. You can change the size of your front door when replacing it by resizing the rough opening.

A rough opening where a new door will be installed.

How to make a front door bigger

Expanding the size of your front door requires removing the old door and door frame and opening up the walls — this is why you want the help of someone who’s experienced. An experienced contractor will expand the rough opening (space where a door or window is installed) by rebuilding the framing around the door and replacing the header (supporting beam above a door or window). Once the framing is complete, they’ll install the new door and then repair the walls. It’s a big job and will probably make the most sense in the context of a major remodel.

How to make a front door smaller

Shrinking the size of a door is also possible. An experienced contractor would follow a similar process to what’s described above, i.e., the old door and frame would be removed to extend the framing of the walls and create a new rough opening for the smaller door. Keep in mind that our doors can be ordered in custom sizes, so you might be able to give your home’s entrance an updated look without resizing the door.

Choosing the right front door size for you

To choose the right door size, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Decide if you want your front door to swing inward or outward. Our doors can swing in either direction, but you’ll want to make sure there’s enough space for whichever direction you choose.
  • Decide if you want to add extra glass in the form of a transom (window above the door) or sidelight (window next to the door). If you add either or both, you’ll want to order these windows at the same time as the door and plan the entryway design with all these features in mind.
  • Understand how to measure your door. This begins with knowing the parts of the door, so you know where to measure. Once you’ve measured your door, you’ll be able to more effectively comparison shop.

Up next: Get more front door inspiration or try your hand at designing your perfect front door.

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