Questions to ask your window contractor

So you’re embarking on a window replacement project, congrats! Here’s what to ask a contractor during your first meeting.
Questions to ask your window contractor

Meeting with a contractor can feel like a big step. You’ve carved time out of your busy schedule to find a contractor and schedule an appointment. Now, the key is to go into the meeting feeling prepared.

If you can bring a solid understanding of your budget and some ideas about how your new windows should look, you’ll be ahead. Then, you can ask any of the questions below to learn more about the contractor’s recommendations for your home, their qualifications, and how they manage the window replacement process.

Tell me about new windows

Remember, you want to give your contractor the insight they need to recommend a product that’ll be right for you. If you're not quite sure what you want yet, we’ve got tips to help you develop a vision.
Questions to ask your window contractor
Contractors might bring corner sections when they visit your home, but you can also ask them to recommend a showroom where you can go to see a complete window.

Tell me about your qualifications

Questions to ask your window contractor
Remember, the first meeting with a contractor is a job interview of sorts. So ask about past projects, experiences, references, and more.

Tell me about the process of replacing windows

Remember, the process you experience will depend on the contractor you’re working with, your location, and more. Use the questions and information above as a starting point for vetting a contractor and understanding window replacement. And of course — trust your gut.

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