Will Taylor’s indoor/outdoor home

If you’ve ever struggled to justify investing in your outdoor space because you live in a climate that’s warm only part of the year, we'd like to invite you on a mind-expanding tour of Will Taylor’s Scandi Barn addition.
An exterior shot of a black barn-inspired addition featuring three sets of black E-Series Hinged Patio Doors and a deck with seating and potted plants.
After Taylor purchased a 1,200-square-foot Cape Cod in Bellport, New York in 2019, the content creator, author, and host immediately went about remodeling the home to better suit him and his husband Toby Taylor-Willis. Their immediate goal was to improve functionality for their everyday lives with updates like a primary bedroom remodel, but their longer-term goal was to optimize their space to welcome in their loved ones and make the most of every inch of their property — backyard included. Here’s the story of how they did that through their “Scandi Barn” addition. 

Mediterranean summer

“I always say, there’s nothing like an East Coast summer,” Taylor said. To make sure he could “cherish every second" of the fleeting season, Taylor leaned into Mediterranean design both through interior finishes and decor and also by emphasizing an easy connection to the outdoors by opening up the back of his home. The Scandi Barn is an adjacent volume that connects at the rear right corner of the original home. It mimics the original’s rectangular “saltbox” shape but extends in the opposite direction to make the most of the deep backyard. Four sets of E-Series Hinged Patio Doors punctuate the Scandi Barn providing easy access to the deck, which lines the perimeter of the home’s backside creating distinct spaces for eating, lounging, and a perfect transitional space between the swimming pool and the home. The way the original home, Scandi Barn, and an arbor vitae hedge surround the pool on three sides almost makes it feel like the heart of an internal courtyard. The space is shielded from neighbors but accessible from all parts of the home, which gives it a dreamy, oasis-like feeling. 
Two interior shots of a bedroom featuring a set of black E-Series Hinged Patio Doors that opens up to a deck and swimming pool outside.
The easy indoor/outdoor connections provided by the inswing E-Series Hinged Patio Doors, along with interior choices like white-painted wood floors and rich textures, bring a Mediterranean look to life.  
Two interior shots of a bedroom featuring a set of black E-Series Hinged Patio Doors that opens up to a deck and swimming pool outside.
By having the series of doors that open directly onto the garden, it makes it so easy and seamless to move between the indoors and outside.

Scandinavian winter

The openness that makes the Scandi Barn so appealing in summer doesn’t take away from how it feels to be there in the winter either. In fact, it makes the space even more inviting. “My favorite part of the addition is how light and airy it feels, even on a grey day,” Taylor said. With the soaring vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass that the hinged doors provide, he loves working in the space. “There’s a sense of calm, and the open feel helps give me clarity and space to think more clearly,” he said. The E-Series Hinged Doors and E-Series Casement Windows help keep the space comfortable too. Dual-pane glass along with the Low-E4® glass coating — an ultra-thin, transparent layer that helps keep heat inside during winter and deflect the sun’s warming rays during summer — makes these features more energy efficient. 
Two exterior shots of a black barn-inspired home addition with four sets of black E-Series Hinged Patio Doors that have been decorated for Christmas with evergreen boughs, wreaths, and red bows.
Affectionately dubbed the “Scandi Barn” because of its striking and chic all-black exterior, the addition remains cozy in winter due to the natural light and energy-efficient E-Series Hinged Patio Doors and E-Series Casement Windows. 
Two exterior shots of a black barn-inspired home addition with four sets of black E-Series Hinged Patio Doors that have been decorated for Christmas with evergreen boughs, wreaths, and red bows.
I love that having a wall of doors helps flood the great room with light even on the greyest of days.

Striking the perfect stylistic balance

In their efforts to make the most of their space and make it their own, they didn’t forget about creating a connection to the original home, too. In fact, they found creative ways to both complement and contrast with the Cape Cod cottage. “We kept the roof lines and angles so that there was a red thread between them but then used the windows, roof, and siding as an opportunity for architectural contrast,” Taylor said. For example, the Scandi Barn’s exterior “pops against the traditional, pale cedar shingles on the cottage” while the patio doors provide a “better balance for the overall aesthetic.” “I decided to have a series of [four] hinged doors versus a bi-folding door because we wanted to keep some synergy with the original part of the house,” he said. “A bi-fold would have made the Scandi Barn look too modern.” Taylor’s door choice also helps maintain a feel-good indoor/outdoor connection all year round. 
A closeup shot from the exterior featuring a black E-Series Hinged Patio Door with Baldwin® designer hardware.
Details that help maintain “synergy” between the original Cape Cod cottage and Scandi Barn addition, include the play of contemporary black color and angular Baldwin® designer hardware against more traditional details like the hinged opening, colonial grilles, and symmetry created by the repeated sets of doors.  
The Scandi Barn addition lets this couple, and everyone they welcome into their home, enjoy the pleasure that comes from being in a home with a strong indoor/outdoor connection. Not only do they have easy access to the pool, garden, and deck when it’s most appreciated during the short-but-sweet summer months, but they also get to bask in rich natural light and beautiful views all year round — now that’s a worthwhile home improvement investment! 

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