Patio door refresh

From the door material to the blinds protection between panes of glass, this door was the perfect upgrade to make indoor outdoor living more achievable and hassle-free.
Inspiration for Moms Patio Door 200 Series Blinds in Glass

Laura from the blog Inspiration for Moms thought her new home meant a major upgrade in her patio door. Unfortunately, the builder-grade all vinyl door had seen better days. The door leaked cool air during the winter and the screen was full of holes spottily patched up with tape. Not only that, but the blinds installed over the door were a huge pain to deal with. To close the door, they'd have to physically move the blinds every time. 

So when it came time to replace, Laura went with a Perma-Shield® gliding patio door with blinds-between-the-glass. The vinyl protected wood is low-maintenance and built to last*, while blinds-between-the-glass provide convenience and peace of mind with no cords, dust or damage. 

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The new patio door

Laura's new Andersen® sliding glass door's exterior is protected by vinyl to stand up to rain and heat, and resist dents. The slim profile and blinds in glass provide a contemporary, sleek look.

Kid in front of gliding patio door coloring, Inspiration for Moms Patio Door 200 Series Blinds in Glass

More details

Product: 200 Series Perma-Shield® gliding patio doors
Materials: Wood protected by vinyl
Options: Blinds-between-the-glassAndersen® reachout locking hardware
The Benefits:

  • The weatherstrip seals air from entering the home
  • Low-E glass helps cut costs by keeping the heat inside in the winter and reflecting it in the summer
  • The reachout locking hardware pulls the panel snugly into the jam for added security and a weathertight lock