Three ways to make homeowners happy

In any home renovation project, “trust” is at the top of your homeowner’s wish list. Here’s how to gain that trust right from the get-go and maintain it through the final walk-through.
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The time, money, and decisions involved in a remodeling or window replacement project can be overwhelming for many homeowners. But you can give them peace of mind and gain their trust by delivering on a few key expectations.

Here's what homeowners say they’re looking for:

1. Good communication

Homeowners want to know what to expect and when to expect it over the course of the entire project. Even if you can’t fix something on the spot, or complicated scheduling leads to a change of plans, keeping customers informed will go a long way toward building a good relationship.

Here are a few tips for communicating effectively:

  • Break down the process so they know what the major milestones are and when they’ll need to have decisions made. This includes making them aware of when someone will be coming to their home and who that person is.
  • Assign a contact person who checks in regularly. Consistency will help build confidence.
  • Make sure customers have your contact information so they can always get in touch. It's also not a bad idea to let them know who your backup is, in case they ever need to speak to someone ASAP.

2. Expert advice

Homeowners come to you for your professional expertise. While some may do their own research, they are ultimately looking for your help in making the best decisions for their project.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • The key to giving great advice is listening first. You must understand what the customer wants before you can tailor your advice to their needs.
  • Help them through the decision-making process by sharing resources. Here are a few we provide:
    • The Endless Expressions blog includes project inspiration and advice about creating a look.
    • The Perfect Match tool helps with narrowing down options and homing in on the right type of product.
    • The Design tool allows a customer to make selections and see what a product will look like in their desired color, with their chosen grille pattern and more.

3. A positive experience

Trust and good rapport between you and your customer not only ensures your project goes smoothly, it also opens the door to the next job. When friends and neighbors ask who installed your customer’s beautiful new windows, you want to be the contractor they recommend.

Here are some ways you can help create a positive experience:

  • Get excited! When you show enthusiasm about the project and the finished look you’re helping them create, it sets the tone for them too.
  • Respect their home by removing shoes, laying runners, using booties, and generally keeping the site clean and organized over the course of the project.
  • Deliver a great final walk-through at the end. Explain to them how to operate and maintain their new windows, and give them the chance to ask any final questions and raise any potential issues before you move on.