A contemporary home tour with Jeff Sweenor

Jeff Sweenor of Sweenor Builders takes us on a tour of a contemporary home remodel.
An under-construction home with oceanside views by Sweenor Builders.

With beautiful river views and an appreciation for the sleek lines and minimal trim of contemporary design, the homeowners wanted as much glass as possible. So, architect Lorine Foley, of LDS Design, created a design that made expansive views and natural light central themes, and Sweenor Builders is bringing it to life. Get a peek inside this remodeled Rhode Island home in the video below.

To create the perfect look, mixing and matching windows and doors from various Andersen® product lines was key. E-Series gliding patio doors with factory-mulled direct-set transoms, 400 Series contemporary profile casement and awning windows, and E-Series specialty windows were all incorporated seamlessly in the home. Despite coming from different product lines, all the windows and doors selected have thin black frames and large expanses of glass. To further the look, Sweenor used a “drywall return bead so they could run drywall right into the window, as the homeowner did not want any traditional interior casings,” said Don Hamel, Territory Sales Representative, who advised on the project.

But aesthetics weren’t the only benefit here. Mixing top-of-the-line E-Series products with 400 Series products led to cost savings — all without sacrificing the homeowners’ needs for low-maintenance and energy-efficient windows and doors. Despite the difference in cladding materials (E-Series is aluminum clad and 400 Series is vinyl clad) both product lines are virtually maintenance-free and built for energy efficiency.

Next up: Get the details on these window series.