How to install replacement windows in a stucco home

Replacing windows in a stucco home can be a challenge, but our 100 Series flush fin windows make it simple while also offering superior performance. See for yourself in this quick install video. 
Two contractors install a flush fin window in a stucco home.
Flush fin windows are designed for easy replacement in a stucco home. They fit inside an existing window frame without disturbing the exterior stucco or interior drywall. They can be easily trimmed onsite, and they even come with color-matched interior trim and screws. Get the basics on how they’re installed in the video below.
This video is an overview of an installation and does not include all the steps required. Always read and follow the unit instructions for proper installation. Please consult our installation guide configurator for full instructions on the exact product you're installing.

An overview of a 100 Series flush fin window installation

Here’s a summary of the steps shown in the video above.

  • The contractors removed the existing sash and prepared the rough opening.
  • They unpackaged the window and rested it on packaging materials to avoid scuffing the flange.
  • They dry fit the window into the rough opening.
  • They assessed whether or not the flange needed to be trimmed.
  • They cleaned the existing window frame and the interior side of the overfit flange.
  • They placed sill shims.
  • They applied sealant to the existing frame leaving gaps at the sill for drainage.
  • They inserted the unit and attached it to the opening.
  • They checked for plumb, level, and square before fully tightening all fasteners.
  • On the interior, they applied an interior air seal.
  • They applied interior trim.
  • They applied a bead of sealant around the exterior leaving gaps at the sill for drainage.

Did you know that our flush fin windows are the only ones on the market made of Fibrex® material? Find out about the performance and aesthetic benefits that make this material the smart alternative to vinyl in the next section.

What is Fibrex® material?

Our 100 Series flush fin windows are made of Fibrex® material, which is twice as strong as vinyl and able to withstand temperatures up to 150° F. They're available in a range of dark colors that won’t fade, flake, blister, or peel* — so they’re virtually maintenance free. For all these reasons and more, Fibrex® material is the smart alternative to vinyl!

Want more details on this product, or help getting started with sizing? We’ve got you covered!

*See the limited warranty for details

Andersen® 100 Series flush fin windows are available in select market areas only and limited to openings with an aluminum frame with a 3/8”- wide exterior surface. Flush fin units are not permitted for tear out replacements or in openings over 3 stories above-grade in height. Please see your sales representative for availability in your area.