The #1 reason to care about patio door replacement projects

 A job like this can be the first step to landing a much bigger remodeling job. Make the most of this opportunity to connect with homeowners. We’ll show you how with our quick guide to patio doors. 
A contractor installs a new patio door with black frames and black-framed transom windows above

The customer called about a door replacement, but by the time Jason Huffenberger, Co-Owner of Preview Construction in Dallas, Texas, left that first visit, he was measuring for windows. That’s how a simple single-scope request turned into a $105,000 job. Huffenberger said his status as an Andersen Certified Contractor instilled confidence right from the start, and arriving early allowed him time to assess the situation and reflect on other needs the homeowner had. That approach resulted in a project that included full-home window replacement, three door replacements, new siding, painting, and spray foam insulation installation, and there might even be more to come. The project has the potential to grow as the homeowner considers interior updates.

“50% of the time single-scope work turns into a larger project,” Huffenberger said. Part of making the most of these opportunities is presenting the homeowner with the broadest array of quality door options — both in style and price. And Andersen® brand products are #1 for replacement.*

Here’s a quick guide to our patio door products.

Ever-expanding contemporary options

There’s a contemporary door for every budget. In fact, Andersen carries the best selection of contemporary windows and doors.**

  • A-Series patio door: For the customer who wants the best of the best along with clean, modern styling and extra-large sizing (up to 10-feet tall!), there’s a new option.
    • Our top-performing patio door is now available with a contemporary-style panel. The shorter bottom rail creates a narrow frame with even sightlines all the way around for an ultra-sleek look. Choose this panel style with either hinged or gliding patio doors.
    • Along with high design, this door delivers the ultimate in energy efficiency and performance making it the right choice for homeowners who want the premium patio door. Keep in mind, a homeowner’s previous door can influence their decision here, as Huffenberger has observed. “People are willing to pay MORE for a door if they have had previous experiences with cheap doors that were poor performing or required continual maintenance.”
  • 200 Series Narroline® patio door: For a customer who wants an affordable, high-quality, contemporary patio door, this is a great product.
    • With its thin rails and stiles and gliding opening — it's perfect in a modern or contemporary home.
    • Made of vinyl clad wood, it’s both beautiful and durable.
A black-framed gliding patio door in a kitchen with black cabinetry, center island, and statement black-and-white tile.
The new A-Series contemporary patio door has a shorter bottom rail for a sleek frame style that’s perfectly suited to a contemporary home, especially when paired with the flush hardware shown here.

Beautiful traditional options

For a timeless, traditional patio door, the A-Series and 400 Series product lines have great options for your customers.

  • A-Series patio door: For the customer who wants the best of the best in a classic look, there’s the traditional-style panel.
    • The traditional panel has French-door styling with a high bottom rail. Both gliding and hinged openings are available, but hinged will give the most classic look and can be configured to swing inward or outward.
    • With a wood interior and fiberglass exterior, A-Series patio doors are our highest performing and most energy efficient. They're also available with Stormwatch® protection for customers in coastal areas.
  • 400 Series patio door: For the customer who wants a balance of looks, performance, and price, there’s no better option than the 400 Series — our most popular product line with our longest-standing products, backed by decades of engineering.
    • The French-style door complements a traditional aesthetic and is our best-selling hinged patio door.
    • Made of vinyl clad wood, this door is beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain.
Three black-framed French doors with round windows above create a statement in a new construction home.
The A-Series Hinged Patio Door with traditional panels was the perfect choice in this new home that’s rich in classic architectural details.

For easier replacement, consider unassembled doors

When placing a patio door order, don’t forget to consider an option that can make your job easier. An unassembled (or knock-down) door offers great flexibility making this a good option in a replacement scenario — here's what we mean:

More maneuverable: They’re lighter and easier to move around a home.

Easier to install: Fewer people may be needed to install them.

Second-story friendly: They’re more portable making it easier to negotiate stairs.

Shorter lead time: The wait for an unassembled door is typically shorter than for an assembled door.

No matter if your client selects a patio door from the A-Series, 400 Series, or 200 Series, you can order their door unassembled.

Creating “referral and repeat customers”

When customers have a positive experience with both your business and the product you sell them, it’s the first step to converting them into the “referral and repeat customers” that Huffenberger says make up a large part of his company’s yearly customer base. As he put it, when contractors “truly partner with their customers on projects, they tend to reward that contractor with more work,” which is why patio door replacement jobs are always worth your time!

Up next: Dig into the details of the entire A-Series product line or get started with sizing.