The Rise of 'Low-Tech Living Rooms'

Low Tech Living Room Image
With the frenzied pace of modern life, homeowners are yearning for places and spaces where they can relax and recharge. According to a recent American Psychological Association study, 75 percent of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month and nearly half noted that their stress had increased in the past year.

Rising stress levels have inspired the development of simple, quiet living areas designed to allow individuals to unplug from the world.

In these spaces, which vary in size and location, technology and electronic devices are intentionally absent or hidden behind custom cabinetry.

A cozy fireplace might take up residence in the area ordinarily occupied by a TV. Other popular design accents include books, plants and tranquil artwork. Windows welcome calming natural light and invite occupants to reconnect to nature.

Soft carpets, comfortable furniture and a calming color palette also shape these peaceful environments.

As builders continue to embrace smart technology to appeal to today’s increasingly sophisticated homeowners, they should also pay attention to the growing demand for calming retreat zones. Whether the spaces are deliberately integrated into floor plans or just multi-purpose areas that lend themselves to relaxation and privacy, these built-in sanctuaries are likely to only increase in popularity.

By providing homeowners with intentional places to relax, decompress and focus on the simpler activities of life, builders can further enhance their value to customers.