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10 Design Trends that Defined 2017

Every December it’s hard not to turn around and look back across the calendar at styles and design elements that flourished over the year. Each year is a little different and we’re always on the lookout for the next “trend” to turn full blown “movement”.
Hanson Home

The Hanson Home

Not only did Mark and Kate Hanson build a Net Zero home on a city lot in an urban area of Minneapolis, but they created a home that produces enough energy to power itself and two Teslas. See how they did it and read the advice of their architect, Marc Sloot of SALA Architects, on how to engage homeowners in green build projects.
Yellowstone Building

Seeing Green

Green building has increasingly become an established element of construction. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ 2017 Green SmartMarket briefs, green construction is growing quickly amongst single-family and multifamily home builders. But eco-friendly building isn’t limited to residential construction.
Modernizing Traditional Homes

Modernizing Traditional Homes

The quest to achieve a laid-back-at-home lifestyle and create a sanctuary from daily pressures has inspired changes in home design. Whether English Tudor or Dutch colonial, farmhouse or mid-century, modernizing traditional home styles is becoming the go-to way to get it.