Podcast Highlights 'Revolutionary Potential' with Andersen and Ubiquitous Energy’s Joint Development

Investing in Climate Podcast features Ubiquitous Energy and Andersen.

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Ubiquitous Energy and Andersen have recently been featured together in a national podcast, discussing the plans to jointly develop a line of energy generating products. Prabhakar “KP” Karri, director of finance at Andersen and lead of strategic corporate ventures, joined Ubiquitous Energy’s CEO Susan Stone.

‘It Gets Even Better’

Podcast Investing in Climate’s host and founder, Jason Rissman, teased the episode saying: “Imagine if solar panels could be invisible and so thin that you could install them inside windows. Exciting, right? This isn’t a science fiction thought experiment, but it’s a real technology being developed by a company called Ubiquitous Energy. And it gets even better: they’re developing this technology in partnership with Andersen Windows, one of the largest and perhaps best-known residential window manufacturers in the US.”

The podcast host has worked on climate change efforts for more than 20 years. Currently, as an enterprise director at the design firm IDEO, Rissman focuses on helping early-stage climate founders and organizations create impact and sustainable ventures.

KP and Stone talk about the technology that makes transparent solar possible, how it was developed, the path to market, the transformative impact it could have on the built environment, and much more.

“One of the things we are working on figuring out is the end use-case. What do homeowners want to do with this technology?” KP shared. “There are two schools of thought, one is, you can use that converted solar energy to tap back into the grid and feed back to the grid, turn the meter backward."

"The other is utilize the power at the source. There are so many applications that windows and doors could do right now where people are using batteries or plugging something in. We are developing technologies that enable both and testing markets to find what consumers most attractive and beneficial,” KP said.

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the full podcast at InvestedInClimate.com, or on Apple Podcasts, Audible and Spotify.

Interested in a specific topic covered in the podcast? Check out the time stamps below.

  • 3:40: Ubiquitous Energy & the technology it’s developing
  • 7:30: The history of Ubiquitous Energy & key milestones
  • 12:28: How Andersen Windows & Ubiquitous Energy found each other
  • 14:56: Andersen’s transparent solar products & when they’ll go-to-market
  • 16:04: How Andersen is gauging customer interest & what they’re learning
  • 19:13: The impact on price for customers & solar investment tax credits
  • 23:12: How efficient is transparent solar technology
  • 27:24: The physical placement of this technology
  • 31:08: How much could transparent solar contribute to our overall energy needs
  • 33:09: The main barriers to widespread adoption
  • 35:39: The investment potential & critical factors for achieving that potential
  • 38:12: The transparent solar market
  • 41:35: Andersen’s investment thesis, how Ubiquitous fits in & what else they’re looking at
  • 43:55: Andersen’s sustainability commitments & what they’re doing
  • 45:38: What listeners considering becoming an early adopter of transparent solar can do
  • 46:35: Final thoughts

Posted: June 7, 2023