Andersen Employees Raise Thousands for Ukraine

Andersen has a created a culture of giving back to the communities in which we live and work but when tragedy strikes across the world, our giving extends to help those in need.

man holding a sign that reads 'sending love to ukraine'

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in what has become one of the most catastrophic wars in recent history. As the Ukrainian people continue to defend their freedom, thousands of lives have been lost, more than 4.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine and millions more remain caught in the middle of the conflict as the Russian military continues its insurgence.

In February 2022, Andersen employees and Renewal by Andersen team members donated more than $15,000 to three nonprofit organizations working to provide humanitarian relief to the Ukrainian people. With the company matching employee donations, more than $31,000 was raised for Ukraine humanitarian efforts.

Additionally, the Andersen Corporate Foundation made a combined donation of $50,000 to organizations providing immediate, on the ground support to Ukrainian people in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

"Because of the compassion of employees and the willingness to give, we have demonstrated our support for those impacted by this global conflict with combined donations from employees, company match and the Andersen Corporate Foundation totaling more than $80,000," said Eliza Chlebeck, Andersen's senior director of communications and community.

Posted: June 7, 2023