The Meridian Experience Gives Designers a Voice

In 2020, Andersen collaborated with designer and blogger Albie Buabeng of Albie Knows to participate in the #ShareTheMicNow Home Edition campaign. Share the Mic Now is a campaign to magnify the voices of Black women as catalysts for change.

Buabeng has since created the Meridian Experience, what she is dubbing “Share the Mic 2.0.” The Meridian Experience was a four day in-person event to celebrate and support designers on their journey through a curated curriculum, and intentional relationship building experiences.

Meridian is a acronym for Manifesting Exceptional Relationships with Interior Design Influencers through Authentic Networking, the experience is designed to bridge the gap between interior designers and home influencers for meaningful conversation. Buabeng’s mission was to include designers, both speakers and attendees, who typically do not get asked to participate in larger conferences.

To create space for important connections and provide opportunities to people who may otherwise would not have the opportunity, Andersen participated in the conference by sponsoring 10 attendee tickets to the mentor dinner. The dinner allowed attendees to connect with their chosen mentor, a successful designer in the industry, in a small group setting for career and design advice.

Posted: June 7, 2023